Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Hmmm, I wonder if any nearsighted kiddo picked this 'un at the stands thinking it was actually DC's HOUSE OF MYSTERY??? If so, boy would the joke be on him!

Like ARCHIE AT RIVERDALE HIGH or LIFE WITH ARCHIE o'er at the competition, this series features one of the flagship characters at Harvey, mainly Richie Rich, in an adventure saga that takes him far away from the usual kiddoid hijinx into something that might seem, at least to the Saturday Afternoon Barbership Kid who's reading this, perhaps somewhat grim compared with the usual Harvey fodder. Well, not grim as much as serious, and really just how nerve-churning can a story featuring a cutesy-poo boy dolled up like Little Lord Fauntleroy be anyway?

Not much, since this particular tale is padded up with fluff just so the story will extend beyond three pages and it ain't that tasty a fluff at that. But still ya get a "feature length" (that is, if you go by the length of movie features circa 1913) story, this one with Richie and his father being guests of the king of the mythical middle eastern nation of Shirik who go to secure the nation's free elections even though the typically evil uncle wants none of that, not to mention his own pompous buttock's on Shirik's throne. You expectin' an adventure here? Well hey, I'll guarantee you'll get a bigger one where Archie accidently mixes up his toothpaste with Veronica's spermicide leading to some really off-the-wall fun and jamz!

Also appearing's this Little Lotta story which deals with the supergirl's massive vocal scronk which is of such a sonic capacity that even Helen Keller could be seen runnin' for cover while knocking Karen Quinlan over!  Not only that but you get two pages of text dealing with Harvey Comics' dedication to the cause of the Cub Scouts which I think translates into some of the higher ups over there tryin' to get some chicken meat their way, and of course that same Casper cartoon with the little bear who now knows that the ghost of fame can be see on tee-vee that's appeared in just about every Harvey comic since 1961!


Brad said...

Hi-larious post. If bill sent those comics media mail they were subject to inspection. Had they openf the package they would have had to fumigate the post office. Some real stinkers. Ah...its better than maus anyway.

Janis Fink said...

Richie hangin' with wogs?!

Multiculturalism is just plain wrong, Richie! Stick to your own kind.

Ottis Toole said...

I liked Richie better after I killed him and he turned into Casper.

JosephTomasello said...

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Christopher Stigliano said...

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jimbo jeeves said...

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