Saturday, June 15, 2019

Dunno why, but it's a shorter'n expected episode of BLOG TO COMM this week, a big surprise because frankly I've had a lot more time on my hands'n usual to crank one of these wonders out! This misfortune is probably because of the dearth of rock 'n roll AS A WAY OF LIFE that's up and about here in the late-teens but hey, that's been the case for the past forty year so why bother complain' right now! It's kinda like complainin' that GILLIGAN'S ISLAND is off the air! Let's just chalk it up to laziness, lethargy and the lack of high energy get up and kick 'em out sounds permeating my brain these days. But as you will see, a few of these sounds have made their way to my cranium and that's nothing to ah-choo at.

But pad this post out I will, and in the most boring, unengaging way possible with some personal recollections taken from my own life. Lessee...other'n picking a booger outta my nose that looked kinda like Texas...first off I gotta tell ya that I finally got to see the original version of THE MAD BOMBER reviewed a week or so ago, this time via another Dee-Vee-Dee I got and will send to someone (either Paul McGarry or Brad Kohler, the other gets the tee-vee print I originally viewed) for Christmas this year. This 'un's the uncut version and boy is it a real hoot guaranteed to be more exciting'n watching the action goin' on in the other cars at the drive in! Now, the blood 'n corpses ain't anything that'll make you sick---in face you may like it! However there is more'n enough nudity here to get you locked in the bathroom for hours which ain't that hot in my book. After all, if I had a son I'd rather see him blow up buildings 'stead of screwing some girl. But if you're a blood and suckems kinda guy this moom pitcher'll have you up and revvin'! Now the big question is---who gets the tee-vee version and who gets the theatrical one, Brad or Paul???? Maybe you readers should decide!
And now, here be the reviews...I hope you can find some pertinent and perhaps even meaningful information in what I wrote below because hey, I sure can't! Agin, tanx goes to the usual miscreants like Bill, Paul and Feeding Tube and while I'm at it tanx to Bob Forward for the package of tapes which I will get to sometime, somehow, somewhere as that stoopid song in WEST SIDE STORY  once said.

Justice Yeldman-FRESH BOOKS LP (Feeding Tube Records)

Even more electronic weirdities from Feeding Tube, this one featuring more unabashed craziness that can sound either like testicular bubbling in Gigantus' groin or (as with the track called "Fresh Balls"!) the theme to a whacked out tee-vee cartoon they had the good sense to leave on the shelf. When it ain't brapping off into total cyborg anti-sound it reminds me of a synthesizer solo that Sun Ra mighta done for some early-seventies album yet forgot about because well, even he had a sense of sonic structure about him! You might find some of the melodies, when they appear, rather engaging. As far as the cover goes...good thing Jim Henson ain't here...he mighta sued.
Various Artists-HAVA NARGHILE CD (Dionysus Records)

For most people Turkey means Thanksgiving, taffy and hardcore porn but there's a lot more to the place as this disque proves. Compiled and annotated by Jay Dobis (see your recent GULCHERs and UGLY THINGS for more funtime information) HAVA NARGHILE proves to us that there is more to that middle-eastern nation than we'd fact judging from the pics on the insides I kinda get the idea that the place is pretty fun what with alla them scantily-clad ladies about! From sixties garage band moodies (like the brilliant Yabansilar and their "Agit")  to biker moom pitcher incidental music and downright psychedelic heavy wonders, you get all of the late-sixties fun and jamz your poor little heart desires! It's sure funny hearing Turkish groups aping the Yardbirds who had swiping from various mid-Eastern musics for a good time already!
Jean Pierre Kalfon-BLACK MINESTRONE CD (New Rose Records, France)

The former Kalfon Rock Chaud leader (and noted French actor and recording star in his own right) gets into the post new (unto gnu) wave commercial yet snazz pop bag. Maybe he was the French David Johansen after all. Actually quite emotive in the French rock tradition yet with a neat spirit to it that keeps this from being yet another hasbeen slopster the likes of we've had too many these past umpteen years. The slick studio whiz doesn't even deter from the underlying decadent sleaze I was praying for. After listening to this I know why Elliot Murphy moved there!
The Challengers-SURFBEAT CD-r burn (originally on Vault Records, then Sundazed Records)

Here's one that takes me right the summer of 1981 when, after absorbing the surf music issue of BOMP! with Jan and Dead taking Linda surfing on the cover, it was surf rock instrumentals and nothing but for this ever-buddin' hodaddy! Hi-Fidelity sound straight outta your dad's knotty pine rec room will bring back the memories of just what surf music meant during a time before youth hadda get all wrapped up in serious matters like destroying the world in the name of saving it. Re-dos of already established hits mixed in with a few originals make for a pretty neat-o flashback to a time which was better---if you weren't some mentally ill sexual mutation bent on making everyone else miserable because hey...we all gotta be "equal" 'n all that!
WHISKY A GO GO PRESENTS BILLY LEE RILEY CD-r burn (originally on Mercury Records)

Even if you can smell the Hai Karate this far away, you know this Billy Lee Riley live album is a better deal (as far as old faves gone bad) than what many former fifties rockers were up to once the mode of the music changed. Surprisingly entertaining covers of the hits and a far better way to stick around in the biz as opposed to writing and singing the theme from THE MARY TYLER MOORE SHOW.
Thee Mighty Caesars-BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH CD-r burn (originally on Big Beat Records)

I must admit that I got a wee bit tired of Billy Childish's retro-regurgitations by the time the late-eighties clocked in, but since this one came out in 1985 he still had the goods about 'im! Faithful and authentic sounding enough takes on the fifties and sixties without flopping about like mid-eighties musicians trying to capture the glories of the past but being so modern and uppa date it mighta well have been Debbie Gibson! If I were even stupider 'n you I mighta even been led to think this was an archival dig dating back to the glory days of rock 'n roll as that teenage soundtrack to everything good and cut-rate! If you must waste your money, waste now.
Various Artists-STOMP BOUNCE BOOGIE BOSSA CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

It's a typical Bill-burn with the country and western, country and eastern (Vashti Bunyan), and a whole buncha records they never did spin on SOLID GOLD. The mom pitcher incidental music was funzy enough for me and I kinda liked the two duo platters (Gerry & Leslie & Toni & Terri---kinda reminds me of BOB & CAROL & TED & ALICE) plus the overt sexual innuendo of "Bounce Baby Bounce" is guaranteed to get just about any 12-year-old suburban slob boy rushing to the bathroom. And sheesh, Bill didn't fergit to add the usual garage band odes to teenbo woes which we sure could use a lot more of these rather fanabla-esque days.
Just a reminder. Like I have to tell you what it's all about, right? Sheesh, some of you guys really are a buncha dim bulbs now, aren't-cha!

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jay dobis said...

Thanks for the cool review of HAVARNAGHILE. Thought you'd be interested to know that Mr. Richman's favorite track on the CD was "Ağıt" by Yabancilar because it was the most New England sounding track.