Thursday, May 02, 2019

UGLY THINGS #50 (You Know What It Is!)

Yes, it could be a magazine or a fanzine or even a roadmap to a trip you can't find at the gas station. Whatever ya wanna call it, UGLY THINGS is one of the few new and up-at-it things worth reading gere at the dusk of the 'teens and Glory Be that the latest issue is up and about giving us more of a break from the modern day drudgery that we call...the modern day!

Can't believe that they're already up to fifty issues, and this 'un is just as good as the rest. Won't bore you with EVERYTHING inna mag 'specially since you can read the cover clearly enough, but as you better expect this 'un is chock fulla that high energy, no holds barred writing that you haven't seen anywhere other'n maybe some blog or two these past thirtysome years! Really, not too many others would be willing to waste precious space on the likes of the groups that Mike Stax and company revel in, those greasy  teenbo loud rip-roarin' son of a guns who used to get yer dad madder'n Margaret Sanger in a chastity belt but eh, you knew better.

And yeah, those contributors really up the property value on this 'un! Not only does Mike Stax (the Encyclopedia Brown of Beat!) ringmaster the thing but we get Bill Shute (a personal fave) yappin' on Elvis and others, Doug Sheppard coverin' the hard rock aspects of it all, Tim Stegall doing the punk pre-punque pavement-pounding, Phil Milstein chatting it up with LENNY KAYE!!!! and many more things guaranteed to curl yer straighties. (No Jymn Parrett or Gene Sculatti tho...waah!) And yeah, that is the legendary Miriam Linna putting her two cents in regarding the final days of the Pretty Things (complete with a photo of Dick Taylor huggin' her!) which is something I don't think any other mag onna face of the earth cared to cover given all that space they splurge on----whatever it is that mags splurge space on these days (I wouldn't know---last time I read a magazine I was in a waiting room which is where I learned that for all practical purposes journalism as we knew it is DEAD!).

Whether you're an amateur, a studied fan, a rockabilly rouser, a psychedelic rowdy or want to be one of 'em or many other things in that once wild-and-woolly world of rock 'n roll, you'll definitely find something here to please your palate. Tons of EVERYTHING is in store with UGLY THINGS #50 and like, if you too grew up with this music as that exciting backdrop to your growin' up days and longed for its resurrection in the face of disco and AOR you'll know what kind of pangs of intensity are stirrin' in my soul as I type this! Buy it before I have to come over to your house to do a little sledgehammerin' on yer head given just how stubborn I know you readers can be.

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Gary Field said...

I got mine yesterday, I've already read almost half of it.I've got to slow down and make it last a bit, the Lost & Found story is amazing..and Bill was spot on with his review of Bear Family's 'That'll Flat Git It vol.3O'.The best rock 'n roll mag on the planet.