Thursday, May 30, 2019


I'll bet yer wond'rin' what's the big diff is between Lady Luck's appearances in SMASH COMICS and the ones she made in THE SPIRIT SUNDAY SECTION! The answer is nada, but if you want to see what these Lady Luck stories looked like on paper that was used for SMASH as opposed to paper that was used for the Sunday enclosure boy, are you in luck!

These Klaus Nordling stories are, in my own cornballus opinion, even better than the "Ford Davis" ones what with the neo-Eisner artwork and the ability to fit an entire adventure saga into a good four pages leaving all the gristle and fat that usually used to pump these things up outta the equation. Good stuff too, not only with the neat compact action to be found but the artwork which really fits into the entire Quality Comics line style of snat flash. Nordling is more early Jack Cole than Eisner which is no slouch, and either way these "back up stories" not only makes for some more fine reading that pleases the eyes but yet another potential Golden Age comics icon for pseudo-intellectual comic snobs to latch onto and make their mark inna world because they "discovered" Nordling's natural talents and abilities before anyone else did!

You could say that LADY LUCK falls into the same ol' Quality formula only with a femme twist, but personally can you think of a better formula to plunge oneself into what with the goofy sidekick (in this case two, the first being the Spanish chauffeur Peecolo and the other the addlebrained Frenchman Count DiChange) and the costumed crimefighter whose costume is little more than flashed up streetclothes with a veil handily used as if that's gonna really hide yer true identity!

The stories are also in the patented Quality fashion which suited the line fr almost sixteen years, reading like a good Monogram movie only without any cameo appearances by Sunshine Sammy Morrison as they go right into the action and also deliver on a load of har-har's that make you glad you didn't spend your dime on something that was a complete waste considerin' just how much ten pennies could buy ya way back when.

All of this is tippy top notch true, tho frankly I skipped over any of the sagas in which Lady Luck tangled with World War II-era Axis saboteurs including a trio of Japanese men who, while not as gruesome as those found in the Timely titles of the day, are still too unsympathetic for ya to exert any covert liking for like you did with the Nazis on HOGAN'S HEROES. It's not like I'm actually rah-rah-ing for the Germans (as far as the Japanese go---maybe!) forces, but with all of this virtuous and back-patting Anti-Fascist Front shenanigans goin' on where just about anyone these enlightened types don't like are virtual Fifth Columnists, well I gotta admit that whoever it is those people don't like SURE LOOK GOOD IN MY EYES and I just don't wanna see anyone, even a sexy crimefightin' gal like Lady Luck, get the better of 'em nohow!

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