Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Some people sure have a sense of humus, like Bill Shute for sending me a burn that really puts the burn in these burns ifyaknowaddamean... Rich Devon (familiar actor from a variety of fifties/sixties tee-vee and cinematic offerings, one-a-those "know the face" kinda guys) stars in this whacked out western about two deputies on the hunt for a fellow co-worker who believe-it-or-not's a bloodthirsty and sadistic bank robber, stagecoach holdup artist, murderer and maybe even a racist and sexist for all we know. Most of the story is told in flashback as Devon relates to the leading lady (who turns out to be...well, I should give it away even if you probably ain't gonna see this 'un in a millyun years but in case you do I won't) everything that's transpired in our story up until the present, and considering that most of this moom takes place in the desert it's sure grand to see something other'n rocks and a stagecoach not forgetting that shrimpy guitar pickin' guy who I believe was put in this film for comic relief. However, with all of the weird below-the waist and between the knees shots which permeate this flick it ain't like the change in visuals is gonna spice this movie up any!

And I didn't even mention the choppy editing which lops off important parts of dialogue (which ain't really necessary given you can follow this film by scent alone), and what's even weirder are the scenes where a bunch of Indians go on the warpath and never do make it to their destination, wherever that may be. Perhaps they were the famous Fekawi Indians of TONIGHT SHOW fame, the ones who got their name because Johnny Carson said that when they'd be lost in the wilderness they'd come across somebody and say "We're the Fekawi!"

If you'd like to see a classic postwar western as envisioned through the mind of somebody with a severe brain injury this just might be the ticket. And like Popeye, keep an eye out for future Lois Lane herself Phyllis Coates in the water trough scene which AIN'T  anything like the one in MACON COUNTY LINE but something a whole lot more innocent and wholesome! Like yer gonna see any jugs in this moom, other'n the ones who acted in it.

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