Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Here's a very limited item (100 only) that certainly caught me by surprise, a Cee-Dee-Are consisting of five rare Simply Saucer numbers that surprisingly enough haven't seen the light of day until now. Packaged in a plain white sleeve with a pasted on yellow information sheet, this one reminds me of the bootlegs of yore, PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED ARCHIVAL RECORDINGS is a definite must-have for any of you readers who consider yourselves up-and-front Simply Saucer fans or at least unrepentant followers of the massive underground squall that sorta caught me up in a whirlpool of intense compulsion, and what healthier form of expression could one hope to aspire to anyway?

Nice selection even if skimpy (the creator of this package could have at least nicked the two Third Kind tracks available via youtube to pad this out) with only one familiar tune ("Limitless Love") seeing the light of day in a new performance, and not only that but the sound quality is surprisingly good considering the recording techniques of the seventies which were more than adequate enough even if they weren't always reliable. As far as I can tell all of these tracks were recorded during the group's post-electronic days even if at least one song ("Baby Nova") dates back to the mid-seventies. And, as anyone who was smart enough to latch onto a copy of PHFUDD #10 (hopelessly out of print) could tell you, this music is whatcha's call vital not only to your private juices but to the whole sum and substance of just what was happening across the globe in the late-seventies when at least a substantial part of the ages 18-34 crowd FINALLY HAD THEIR HEADS ON STRAIGHT and knew enough to make the best of rackets "borrowing" from some of the finer groups on the planet rather than the most diseased, rotted reflection of youth gone flabby and lazy. Which is why it is always better to have a million groups copping ideas from the Velvets and Stooges rather than the Dead and Airplane, just as long as the groups in question know enough to look beyond the superficial aspects of the quest (which is why we have a million groups out there playing loud but signifying very little). And Saucer, along with a few thousand other aggregates of the day, knew enough to take from the best and make it their own.

This little collection ends not with a bang or a whimper, but a solo performance by none other than Edgar Breau on acoustic guitar singing the autobiographical more or less "Story of Simply Saucer", a number he was frequently performing during his solo folk club stomping days in the mid-eighties. If you have that aforementioned copy of ish #10 you've probably already read the lyrics to this one but they're clear enough and understandable here if you haven't. It's a nice ditty too done in a kinda heartfelt and perhaps even slightly bitter way (or at least I take it that way), though one thing about this song really bugs me and that when one hears Breau clearly breaking of the Second Commandment not once, but twice! I say "clearly" because this is nothing he can wiggle outta sorta like John Lennon tried to on "The Ballad of John and Yoko", and I am surprised, nay, shocked that a fine upstanding man like Mr. Breau would stoop to the usage of such language in an attempt to get gullible children who want to look "hip" to patronize him! I hope Mr. Breau has made amends for his obvious lapse in judgment, and if you don't want your impression of this man to be taken down a few notches I suggest for you to either not get hold of this disque (as if a 100-only press run's easy enough to buy at your corner drugstore), or if you do don't listen to the closing track which I will reiterate I am totally aghast at/about. I mean JD King, well we all know what a vulgarian he can be, but Edgar???>


Anonymous said...

Ok so where can i order this??!!!

Christopher Stigliano said...

Good mine via ebay.

Anonymous said...

Most confusing. It says here that JD King is doing the artwork for this (, but that sure ain't his doodledge on the cover. It also says that the CDs (or CD-Rs) are available directly from Mr Breau.


Anonymous said...

This was being sold by the band themselves at shows last summer, but they were all gone by the time they did Terrastock.

Anonymous said...

"...I mean JD King, well we all know what a vulgarian he can be, but Edgar???"

Huh? Me?!

Edgar can't help it. He's Canadian. I mean, he attempts to overcome his lineage. Then Mowat drags him back into the mud.

PS: I don't know when "Saucerland" will be released. Maybe it already has and there's a copy sitting in my PO box?

(I hope this is #@!&%*#$%! vulgarity-free enough to pass muster with Christopher "Kick Owt th' Jams, Mamagrabbers" Stigliano!)

Anonymous said...

Chris, Bruce Mowat here. You know, the long-lost Shadows Of Ecstasy thing came out on Anthology. How should we get the copy to you? Do you want to hit Keith up for it yourself, or should we third-party relay this. is yr addy
Also: remember the Your Flesh piece you did? It covered a lot of ground regarding the new album...for all I know, you may already HAVE It. Still, if you had the old computer text file for it (did you even have a comp back then? ) we were wondering if you could e-mail that piece to us...

PS Edgar sez he said GOOD goddamn ,and that makes it OK, see?

Anonymous said...

I wrestled with this one and the temptation was too great and overcame me. I inserted the good before g-d damn hoping to mitigate my blasphemy. Anyhow Chris is right, but I do agree with J.D. and am slightly flummoxed at the apparent approval of Kick out the Jams motherf.....and hey how about the crude hard core punk bands...jezz, now listen the Canadian crack was uncalled for..pound for pound this nation has nothing to apologize for..xenophobia has no place in our brave new world of Obamaville