Friday, February 22, 2008


I'm obviously in a vid-posting mood right now, so here are two ultra-obscurities (that Imants Krumins tipped me off to!) from The Third Kind, a group which most people think of as being the mid-eighties reincarnation of Simply Saucer because of the presence of mainstays Edgar Breau and Kevin Christoff but that ain't exactly the case. The first of these tracks is a spright, FIFTH DIMENSION period Byrdsy number called "Vecki" which has one of those melodies that's gonna spin through my head for the next few weeks or so:

Dunno what the title of this 'un is, but I find it pretty much on the same wavelength as not only the late-seventies Saucer recordings but what a lotta groups were whipping up in their garages back in the day:

It's really unbelievable that these audio (and visual!) obscurities are finally seeing the light of day....praise be to Youtube! I mean, back in the seventies and eighties, who would have ever thought that any of these long-archived recordings would be making their way to the public at large? Tune in for more of these totally outta-nowhere garage obscurities as soon as they hit the web!

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Anonymous said...

Damn that sounds good! Everything Edgar Breau has done has been great, Any chance their stuff will be release of vinyl or Cd??