Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Y'know what, I spent a good portion of the eight-to-nine PM hour last night trying to tune into that cybercast what was s'posed to have been going down at CB's 313 Gallery, but it looks as if nobody at the place had the initiative to TURN THE BLASTED CAMERA ON thus I couldn't view the John Fahey Birthday Tribute that they had planned which certainly did get my goat (this supposedly being my very own personal Mardi Gras which turned out to be one of the worst ones in quite some time come to think of it!). And sheesh did I wantwantWANT so bad to see what was going on at that infamous dive because frankly, I happen to think that Fahey was one pretty good and persuasive gtrist out there and yeah, maybe all they were doing at the Gallery was playing some of his old records but that woulda been fine by me if they 'casted that just as much as had a buncha Fahey impressionists took to the stage all doing his version of "Cascade Waltz" for all I care because, either way, it sure woulda suited the occasion swell-like! Oh well...maybe next year (WAIT!!!!...there ain't gonna be a "next year"...oh drat!!!).

While I'm at it, I thought I'd spend the rest of this post letting you all in on the one and only "Blog To Comm Heavy 100" and if you ain't on the list that's your tough turds. Try harder and next year you might!

1) Eddie Haskell
2) Leon Errol
3) Soupy Sales
4) Lindsay Hutton
5) H. L. Mencken
6) Lou Rone
7) Bill Shute
8) Joe Cook
9) Billy Miller
10) Jay Ward
11) Eddie Flowers
12) Holger Czukay
13) Otto von Ruggins
14) Marc Bolan
15) Paul McGarry
16) Sunshine Sammy Morrison
17) Miriam Linna
18) Tim Stegall
19) Wyndham Lewis
20) Ernie Bushmiller
21) Steve Ditko
22) Dee Pop
24) Luigi Russolo
25) Chris Burden
26) Mike Snider
27) Imants Krumins
28) Gerry Anderson
29) Sonny Sharrock
30) Joseph Sobran
31) George "the Animal" Steele
32) R. Meltzer
33) Harvey Kurtzman
34) Bernard Kugel
35) Greg Prevost
36) Ernie Anderson
37) Sam Francis
38) Rick Noll
39) Sunny Murray
40) Sky Saxon
41) Sid Bishop
42) Skip Spence
43) Adny Shernoff
44) Pookie
45) Wayne McGuire
46) Russell Desmond
47) Robot Hull
48) J. D. King
49) Link Wray
50) Edgar Breau
51) Sam
52) Don Fellman
53) Daniel Carter
54) D. B. Cooper
55) Peter Crowley
56) Ralph Kramden
57) Mayo Thompson
58) Shemp Howard
59) Hal the Referee
60) George Reeves
61) Barney Bean
62) Mike Stax
63) Joseph McCarthy
64) Jim Varney
65) Wally Wood
66) Jymn Parrett
67) Ron Asheton
68) Charley Reese
69) Leigh Stephens
70) Tim Ellison
71) Julius Sumner Miller
72) Greg Shaw
73) Harry Von Zell
74) Tom Poston
75) Roky Erickson
76) Bob Montana
77) Justin Raimondo
78) Jack Kirby
79) Brad Kohler
80) Gerry Roslie
81) William Parker
82) James Gurley
83) Nick Kent
84) Leo Gorcey
85) Ozzie Nelson
86) Eric Emerson
87) Vic Morrow
88) Bruce Mowat
89) Willie Howard
90) Malcolm Mooney
91) Phast Phreddie Patterson
92) Will Elder
93) Rod Serling
94) Ezra Pound
95) Ben Weldon
96) Milan "Dino" Volpalka
97) Mizutani Takashi
98) Joe Besser
99) Milt Gross
100) Vera Vague


Anonymous said...

WOW. I placed higher than MY OWN
heroes such as Leo Gorcey, Shemp Howard, and Jim Varney! What an honor. Thanks....

Bill Shute

Christopher Stigliano said...

Hate to burst yer bubble, but I forgot to mention that this list was "in no particular order." I'm sure you'll appreciate your ranking amidst such people anyway.

Anonymous said...

Don't know who a few people are on this list. Who are Otto von Ruggins, Bernard Kugel, Sid Bishop, Russell Desmond, Don Fellman, Daniel Carter (a member of the Carter Family?) , and Julius Sumner Miller? And I've never heard of "Ben Weldon" but I assume you mean character actor Ben Welden (of innumerable H'wood golden age classics and who finished his career as a guest star on shows like Batman, 77 Sunset Strip, etc.)?

Christopher Stigliano said...
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Christopher Stigliano said...


I guess it's easier for me to tell yez'n for you to do a WORD SEARCH (that is, if half the guys you wonder about are even mentioned on the web!) but here goes...

Otto von Ruggins is/was the keyboardist/leader of Kongress, an under-the-radar New York City group who also had VON LMO as a member from '74 to '77. He is on the web and his site has many good music downloads.

Bernard Kugel is a seventies fanzine writer of some reknown who is probably best "known" for his fanzine BIG STAR back in the late seventies. He has also contributed to such 'zines as SHAKIN' STREET GAZETTE and BEDLOE'S ISLAND.

Sid Bishop was the interference guitarist on the first two Deviants albums and later leader of Bishop's Big Boppers.

Russell Desmond was editor of CAN'T BUY A THRILL and a contributor to the first issue of KICKS. A very good and under-rated scribe who is supposed to do a Moby Grape piece for the next issue of BLACK TO COMM, that is, if he survived the devestation his New Orleans encountered last summer.

Don Fellman is a NYC writer and Ed Wood expert who helped out on Rudolph Grey's NIGHTMARE OF ECSTASY book in the early nineties. He also wrote the script for the Jimi Hendrix cartoon that appears in BLACK TO COMM #23.

Daniel Carter is a free jazz multi-instrumentalist who plays with the avant-improv unit Freedomland. I reviewed a gig he did in a trio format (with a pretty good guitarist and free drummer accompanying him) called Storm in an early post, and if any one out there recorded the thing, I sure wouldn't mind a copy!

Julius Sumner Miller was a physicist who often appeared on children's television shows as well as Jerry Lewis' infamous 1963 Saturday night flop on ABC (and Merv Griffin later on). He had a fifteen-minute program on PBS that was aired for years even though they were made in the sixties (which is where I first became familiar with him), and he also showed up on HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN and Australian television, where I hear he was rather popular. He died in the late-eighties.

And yeah, I spelled the great actor Ben Welden's name wrong, so thanks for the correction.