Monday, February 27, 2006


Guess what happened??? I took some Ny-Quil gels to help get me through the night without succumbing to the sinus headaches that have been plaguing me my whole life, and I was so zoned out by them that I couldn't stay awake for the James Finn Quartet who were playing at the infamous CB's 313 GALLERY last night. However I did get to catch the last part of some avant garde big band jazz group who played as ferociously as the original late-sixties noiseilblazers did even though it was kinda silly watching this bunch crammed onto the Gallery stage like a canfulla sardines. The Hanuman Ensemble followed and played as free-form abstract as ever, guided by the electric harp of Mia Theodoratus and the lap steel of whateverhisnameis which pick and pluck and go up and down the scales with amphetamine frenzy more'n just about any act you could think of these days. Each show, each song is different just like the Velvet Underground originally envisioned, and I gotta 'fess up to the fact that these guys sounded even better under the influence of Ny-Quil'n the Stooges! Hope that the free jazzbo idiom doesn't remain alien to the stages of the various CBGB outlets, at least until the inevitable collapse of it all...

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