Friday, December 31, 2021

I gotta admit that for living in a post-rock 'n roll-oriented world I managed to get through 2021 musically well. Of course I know that rock 'n roll for all practical purposes has meant very little (despite all of the lip service given it) since the advent of hippie anti-mentalities in the late-sixties and really nothing since the valiant attempt to overthrow the "Classic Rock"/stoner boxboy arena rock mentality fizzled out for good sometime in the early-eighties, but for an old fanabla like me at least the malady lingers on. And true, I am to 2021what those old Fire House Dixieland types of groups were to the aging clientele of, say, 1980, but at least I, like those old guys pumpin' away on their tubas, still have some sense of dignity that defies trends and shucks of the week. Too bad there ain't some cheapo television series for PBS to air inna mornings showing the old rockers in their rest homes banging away like there were for fans of the old jass beat a good thirtysome years back.

An' yeah, I gotta face up to the fact that the more we drift away from those "days of the underground" the more I feel lost, alienated and generally out of touch with everything from my duty as a human being to reality for that matter. Pretty much like any broken down old man who was born in a world of relative ease and happiness and ended up in a sewer of a life that was not of his own making.

'n really --- why should we really care as much about music, an idiom which has let us down for most of our lifetimes what with the pallid sputum that once roared mightily just being nothing but a huge embarrassment to anyone who championed the cause hack when it was relatively younger, and fresh for that matter.

Anyhow, here's my best of list for the year, one which I am glad to see in the rear view mirror as I trudge along in life, even though I get the feeling that 2022 is going to make '21 look like a mere walk in the park.

ALBUM(S) OF THE YEAR!-Sex Tide-OHIO (Feeding Tube), Greg "Stackhouse" Prevost's SONGS FOR THESE TIMES (Mean Disposition)


ALBUM REISSUE OF THE YEAR!-Remko Scha's GUITAR MURAL 1 FEATURING THE MACHINES two-LP set (Black Truffle Records), which proves that Lester Bangs was right when he said the machines were taking over.


RE-ISHED SINGLE OF THE YEAR!-Ethix's "Bad Trip"/"Skins"(Mary Jane Records), a real wild trip into that part of the sixties that didn't quite jibe with "Kumbaya".


FOLKIE RELEASE OF THE YEAR!-Myrian Gendron's MA DELYRE (Feeding Tube Records)


CEE-DEE OF THE YEAR!-Edgar Breau's SHADOWS OF ECSTASY  which shows you that maybe thirty years ain't that long of a wait after all.


CEE-DEE REISSUE OF THE YEAR!-Tim Buckley's STARSAILOR. This album'll cost you more today than it woulda had you got it in the 49 cent bin in 1972, but then again were you alive in '72? I was but do you think I even had 49 cents back then? For that matter do you think I even KNEW that STARSAILOR even existed? Do you think I would even have been allowed to play this in the house back then?????


CEE-DEE-ARE ALBUM BURN OF THE YEAR!-KABALAH FUCKEN SYRINGE---actually from 2019 and actually recorded much earlier, but boy has the concept of time mutated as of late!


MOOM PITCHER OF THE YEAR!-SHOCK CORRIDOR...really woulda liked to  have seen this 'un and THE SADIST battle it out for best pic of '63 at the Oscars!


BOOK OF THE YEAR!-PUNKZINES a good 'nuff traipse into rockscreeding past which undoubtedly has nothing to do with rockscreeding present, or future for that matter.




ROCK 'N ROLL DISCOVERY OF THE YEAR!-Johannis and his Pale Boys


SO LONG TO A GOOD THING!-THE COMPLETE DICK TRACY VOL. 29, a  fine wrap up to one of the best comic strips to have hit the boards.


TELEVISION PROGRAM OF THE YEAR!-a tossup between the RAWHIDE and WAGON TRAIN reruns that have popped up on fetv and insp as of late.


HOPE OF THE YEAR!-Eric Zemmour. Here's hoping that he and Marine will bury the hatchet and team up to make France the place it was before Focault, Sartre, Genet and the rest of those degenerates ruined its name seemingly for good!

DEATH OF THE YEAR!-Mike Nesmith.


RELIEF OF THE YEAR!-the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Kinda makes me wish I was still steadily blogging so I could rub a few readers who were so anxious to see him spend his remaining days in prison noses in it.

Might re-start this blog up plenty soon, though at this time I don't see any reason why I should. After all, what is there out in soundsville these days that is worth any true hard-edged rock 'n roller's attention anyway?


Anonymous said...

Hope to see BTC return. If you compiled a best of the blog and offered it in printed form, I'd buy it.

Brad said...

I will be tracking down your best ofs even if i have to survive on romen noodles. Best book of the year was adele berteis homage to peter laughner...peter and the wolves...actually the reprint courtesy of smog veil came out in 2020 but i just picked it up in 2021 and time is a shape shlfter at our age.

Armen said...

Hey Chris, welcome back and hope you're doing ok. Our chat with Jim Parrett of Denim Delinquent is up and he gives you a shout out early on.


Cue Anon said...

Milo did nothing wrong.

Mike Nesmith did nothing wrong.

Stigliano did nothing wrong.

jimbo jeeves said...

he y mistr how abot some eric clatpon reveews

jimbo jeeves said...

heym ister stilgiano on yor header abov the g is that yokoono or is it larry hama

Anonymous said...

If you love Eric Zemmour so much, shove it in your ass. I'm certain you both gonna love it. Kisses from France

Adolf Hitler said...

Hey, Zemmour's a great guy. I hope he'll be my roommate in Hell some day.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Judging from the above comments, France deserves Macron!

Alvin Bishop said...

Good to see a fresh post! More in 2022, Chris!

I've been reading, word for word, my complete collection of Trouser Press, from issue one to the end. Reeling in the years!


Westbrook Pegleg XIV said...

Then one day, for no reason whatsoever, the French voted for Eric Zemmour.

David Duke said...

The French will never vote for Zemmour. But if he comes to Louisiana my old voters will LOVE him!

Bart Bright said...




Christopher Stigliano said...

David, it sure is heartening to know that the people who would vote for you would vote for a Jew!

David Duke said...

A what?

Never mind!

top_cat_james said...

Hope you're doing well, Chris, and considering returning to regular blogging again soon. Just finished the second volume of Gwandanaland's "Fun with a Menace", and remembered your comic book reviews that I always enjoyed reading.

jimbo jeeves said...

hy misster ! when ar yo gonna get bak to this blogg .

look lik a big vkterry for zleinski and yookrane soo n. yay bo