Wednesday, February 10, 2021


After alla the buzz that PSYCHOTRONIC VIDEO huzza'd about this film way back inna late-eighties I figured that this'd be a real winner as far as kick up your feet entertainment. Turns out that PIN actually is a fairly well made and slightly creepy moom pitcher that just might appeal to the average BLOG TO COMM reader but as far as something to go ooh and aah over well, it ain't quite that much of the messterpiece I was certainly hopin' and a' prayin' for.

At least in my classic tee-vee addled bean PIN is perhaps another update on those old ventriloquist dummies come to life episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS that used to scare the bejabbers outta us kids until we grew up and showed 'em to our own progeny to scare 'em even more. I can also throw in that "Talky Tina" ZONE which actually gave my own mother a nightmare, but for all practical purposes PIN  ain't as scary as any of 'em. It's actually more disgusting than frightening, a story about these young richkid snoots whose doctor paw (with talents that would make Paul Winchell blush) convinces the brats that his life-size 'n anatomically-correct "Visible Man" (named Pin, short for Pinocchio) is alive in order to teach 'em some rather important lessons about life and other disturbing things. The boy grows up to be your typical sensitive wimp type while the girl ends up a slut, and when sonny starts using his own ventriloquist abilities on Pin to keep the advice free flowing things really start to get into an uproar I don't think anything on this planet short of a rest cure at Bellvue could cure!

Still the thing just doesn't work its ways on ya like ya woulda thunk it woulda. Even with the good acting on the part of the brother (David Hewlett) and cyster (Cynthia Preston) PIN coulda been a tee-vee movie without the foul language and obligatory suckems scene. The shockeroos just don't grab ya (I still wonder what the purpose of the scene where the nurse engages in hanky panky with Pin while the boy watches is supposed to be, other'n for a quick attempt at offending the rubes) while the ending leaves ya even hazier than the one from RAIDERS BENEATH THE SEA if that's a possibility. Still PIN might just rate another eyeballing since I found the thing to be overall (despite the usual sublime social comment and nauseating eighties setting) a fairly decent effort that coulda used some fine tuning and maybe Curtis Harrington doing his usual behind the camera magick.

Wanna see for yourself? Just click below and make sure ya gotta lotta butter onna popcorn!


debs said...

bore-ring! just' sayin'! :)

Alvin Bishop said...

Doesn't seem to be my cuppa, Chris! But keep 'em comin'!