Thursday, December 26, 2019


Now that Christmas is over and you gotta do somethin' fun before it's New Year's howzbout hitching up with the latest issue of THE ONLY MAGAZINE I WOULD SUBSCRIBE TO IF I WERE RICH ENOUGH (other'n DER STURMER if MoelarryandJesus is to be believed). Yes, UGLY THINGS is one of the few (if any) modern day publications I have such a good time pouring into, and when the latest issue arrives you can bet that I am suspending all other activities both funtime or not to devote myself to pouring through the massive number of pages in order to quell that ever-raging rock 'n roll madness! Y'know, that feeling which continues to tear up inside me just as much as the time I saw my first pair of tits...a woman's not mine.

Lotsalotsalotsa good stuff in here from the piece on Australian metallic masters Coloured Balls to We the People, Michael Bloomfield (which I refuse to read given the guy's association with that whole blues-unto-blooze movement which staggers on even as we speak) and of course that obligatory Greg Prevost re-processing of his old Don Grady interview from OUTASITE. All of them are good 'nuff for me ('cept I ain't read the Bloomfield one, remember?) but not as good as the ones that really struck me through the third ear. Oddly enough I really enjoyed the piece on rock photographer Chuck Krall and his various adventures (even though I think Leee Black Childers woulda been a better photog to promote even if he is no longer with us) not to mention the interview with Brute Force, the singer/songwriter who's probably best known for his obscure "King of Fuh" single on Apple Records which coulda made him the new David Peel if only this one had only gotten out.

Gotta say that my real fave of this ish was the huge interview with Craig Bell, a guy who certainly has been spreading himself on a whole lot thick these past fifteen or so years what with his appearances with everyone from the revived Rocket From The Tombs and Mirrors to Ex-Your Mama Wears Orthopedic Shoes-Ex, the Down-Fi, the Gizmos and whoever else out there needs a bass guitarist in their band. Really informative and filled with snaps that I didn't even know existed. If you wanna see a contrast in under-the-underground cool you should just compare the high stool snaps of Bell with John Morton which really shows just how wide the teenage gap was during those rather not-so-halcyon days!

Of course there's also the wide range of reviews (tho nothing I'd care to part with moneywise this time) and of course Bill Shute. What else do you need in this life anyway, 'cept for the money that it'll cost to BUY yez a copy!


Anonymous said...

lol what a stupid magazine lol why don't they write about some bands people care about lol sting prince zep had hits because they were good lol coulered balls? lol no comment lol

Gary Field said...

Hey, I just noticed Craig Bell mentions you!.. Ugly Things always reminds me how much I miss the 20th century.

Wheez Von Klaw said...

Apparently you need to read an obscure publication called "Rolling Stone"- where articles like Sting's impending hairline are discussed.