Saturday, August 31, 2019

Another kinda/sorta shortie this week, or at least it's short enough in a way that I shoulda put a little more meat, or at least cereal filler, into the package. Not that much brand spanking new, or brand spanking old for that matter to report. But I have that feeling that y'all will lap it up like a coupla lesbians because hey, what else is there out in internet land that's devoted to the raw being of music as that feral and downright fascist unforgiving form of sound that can drive most supposedly sane men totally wild? Not that you'll read anything like that on this week's post mind you.
Life is pretty boff nowadays what with the maniacal (and long welcomed) tide which is trying to overturn a good five or so centuries of so-called "enlightenment" to contend with (it sure gives me hope that maybe I will check outta this planet on a staunchly UPBEAT note since I sure clocked in on one---in-between was something else altogether!) but there have been a few downsides to life I've had to contend with. The most striking one is definitely the sudden cancellation of ROUTE 66 on FETV which has thrown my television viewing patterns all to smithereens an' I don't mean that old time rock group! Now that the show was getting better with the arrival of Glenn Corbett in the passenger seat (see last week's post) I had much more to look forward to, but the people at that olde tymey cable network didn't even have the good sense to FINISH THE SERIES OUT and rerun the thing a few times so us people who missed out on some of 'em due to real life obligations could do some mighty necessary catching up! (Still haven't seen the one where Todd and Buz head out to Youngstown Ohio which should bring back some hidden kiddiehood memories!)  C'mon, howcum FETV couldn't run ROUTE 66 a few times over when they feel it right and just to give us a regular snoozathon like MATLOCK ad nauseum?!?!?! Someone is slipping up, and you know it ain't me!

At least I have LOONEY TUNES and MERRIE MELODIES cartoons to keep my early-evening hours occupied. Mucho demerits are in order for the total abandonment of most everything pre-late-forties whether it be "offensive" or not so if you're on the lookout for a pre-Elmer Fudd Egghead, Beans the Cat or the original Porky Pig you're gonna hafta dish out for some over-priced DVD set. While you're at it, there's no Speedy Gonzales to be seen either so if you're interested in those late-sixties cartoons where he's teamed up with Daffy Duck tough turds as well. Seems there's a LOTTA things missing here and the way the same 'toons seem to be re-re-re-rerun I get the feeling that a whole lot that should be available has been excised for some reason or another, probably because some "stereotype" (a.k.a. "accurate portrayal") offended some precious petunia back when he was a mere turdler and you know WE CAN'T HAVE THAT! (unless its a stereotype of some generally loathed human specimen, mainly ME!).

But hey, watching a fifties-vintage Bugs Bunny or Sylvester sure beats a good hunka what has passed for entertainment these past fortysome years, and that includes all the WB cartoon revivals that have sprouted up during those rather desert-like times. And when I ain't in front of the boob tube for any of those funtime flickers I can always hit Youtube where some public domain wonder like THE DOVER BOYS AT PIMENTO UNIVERSITY is available with the mere flick of a key. Oh how I wish more women were like Dora Standpipe especially in these anti-feminine times, especially considering what a bully, coward, cad and thief I am and shall always remain!
Seems like Paul McGarry devoted the lion's share of platters this week, with Bill's "Floor Sweepings" collection being his sole contribution and a newbie purchased and one of my own hard-begged filling out the batch! Dunno about you, but this might just set a record for Paul even if precious few of the platters he sends are anything I'd care to part with my filthy lucre for! Oh well, here it it, whatever "here" may be...

Direct Hits-BLOW UP CD-r burn (originally on Whaam Records, England I surmise); THE HOUSE OF SECRETS CD-r burn (Originally on The Forbidden Label, England again I think)

Twee English pop rock with a decidedly Beatles during their sunshine days slant which might not be the kinda music you he man women hater types go for but eh, I got it free. However I gotta say that the material on these two mid-eighties platters didn't "offend" me they way they shoulda, and I kinda latched onto both of 'em the same way I loved the dickens outta some equally English pop revival effort of the same strata I chanced upon in the mid-eighties yet haven't played since. I won't play these again either but I didn't think my time was wasted delving into these eighties attempts at regaining late-sixties pop glories.
Various Artists-POPPIES -- ASSORTED FINERY FROM THE FIST PSYCHEDELIC AGE CD-r burn (originally on Craft Recordings)

Uh, a little truth is needed here. These recordings ain't from the first psychedelic era as defined on the NUGGETS anthology. Definitely second era around the time that psychedelic music became associated with pseudo-intellectual underclassmen hanging around in farted up dorms trying to discern the true meaning of Donovan's belly button while tripping on windowpane. The music on here is custom-made for your next bad trip (the one where you imagine you're working in the produce department of a Coraopolis supermarket) and serves to remind of as to just why the late-sixties weren't as Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper over-the-top earth shattering rock 'n roll like they shoulda been.
Mitch Ryder-DETROIT BREAKOUT CD-r burn (originally on Cleopatra Records)

Well whaddaya know! That blue dress devil guy is back (again) with an album fulla covers (his "own" and others) with special guests including Linda Gail Lewis, James Williamson, Walter Lure, Sylvain Sylvain and even former Deviants guitarist Paul Rudolph! Some of this does rock out perhaps thanks to the additional talent, but sheesh if I can't get that image of Ryder as being one of those sorta second class Bruce Springsteen types who the more FM-addicted of my brethren really gobbled up during the eighties (for obvious reasons). Can't get that kind of stench outta my mind nohow!
Chip & Tony Kinman-SOUNDS LIKE MUSIC CD-r burn (originally on Omnivore Recordings)

A collection of thingies recorded throughout the brothers' ---er--- "career", the early trax by the Dils and Rank and File being the rockinest while the rest topple over into moderne-day electro whiz that suits me about as much as castor oil milkshakes. Since these tracks are all mixed up its like yer goin' from a fairly listenable time to sheer agony so if you do get this 'un on Cee-Dee make sure you have a programmable one so you can listen to the better tracks in an order which suits you fine and forget the rest which only goes to show you just how much of a killer on the ol' talent time really is.
Left Lane Cruiser-SHAKE AND BAKE CD-r burn (originally on Alive Records)

I pulled this one outta the Paul Pile because the ghoul onna cover reminded me of one of those AIDS-riddled pansies I always see in those high-larious A. Wyatt Mann cartoons that are splattered across the internet. Not that the guy has anything to do with the music to be found herein which is pretty much mid-seventies hard boogie metal, the kind that got the likes of Kenne Highland and various other fanzine fanablas really excited back when O. REXTASY and ROCK ON were being spirit duplicated loooong ago.

A rugged lead singer fronts a band that seems to be part (pick your favorite English long haired blues band circa 1973) and a Southern sleeper like Hydra and it surprisingly works, but who in 2019 (at least those who listened to this brew a good fortysome years back) would even think of giving Left Lane Cruiser a listen? Other'n desperate nerve-grated hard rock maniacs like ourselves that is.

To nobody's surprise this feels a whole lot better in the modern music world which has been gelded to the point where the whole concept of the consumerist/music/entertainment industry being reduced to something even lower than that basic common denominator that we all feared way back when has finally been realized! Like, those fifties-era future fears we all read about in various Sci-Fi rags are with us in the here and now, and just about anything that has been long gone 'n buried looks oh so LIBERATING. Never thought I'd say this, but the Four Aces and the Ames Brothers do come off way more inspirational and avant garde than Beyonce, Lady Caga's and Miley Cyrus's entire reason for existence, and come to think of it Left Lane Cruiser sure do too!
Peter Perrett-HUMAN WORLD CD-r burn (originally on Domino Recordings)

I thought this guy woulda been washed up by now. But surprises or surprises it can be said that the use of narcotics and the creative process can go hand in hand given that the needle shoulda offed this guy by now and here he is doin' the same bared-wire neo-Thunders/Reed rock he was doing with England's Glory and the Only Ones almost fifty years ago. Songs are mostly in the old passionate drive-on style that Perrett made his mark(s) with, so if you are one who still has your copy of "Another Girl Another Planet" on steady rotation you just "might" cozy up to this particular release. But then again you might not.
La Femme-PSYCHO TROPICAL BERLIN CD (Barclay Records, France)

Finally got hold of this current French act's debut platter and it's every bit as mystic-decadent as their latest. The new-unto-gnu feeling might spread itself a little too thick but when you ain't lookin' you get some of that "Sister Ray"/"Roadrunner" organ that still goes down so smooth.  Their entire reason for existence makes me wonder if La Femme are the real Heaven Seven-Teen as envisioned by Anthony Burgess way back when only with a Gallic 'stead of Soviet air to 'em. One of those recordings that sorta sneaks up behind you, acts all complacent and background-y, then WHAMS you into another world it'll take quite a while to wiggle your way outta.
Various Artists-MAD MUSKRAT SPINY LOUISE CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

Starting this 'un off with Paul Revere and the Raiders' Stones-y "Great Airplane Strike", and including their very own "Louie Louie" answer record not called "Louie Go Home" but "Louise" really was genius. The Christmas-themed ads plus Walter Brennan's weepathon "Just Three Letters For Christmas were quite outta place here in August but they serve to remind me to do my shopping before the rush! The Roger Price platter, although skipping in spots, brings back some of those fifties comedy thrills that kinda flopped around the mid-sixties and eventually flops about itself! And as for Spiny Norman...for being a GET SMART cash-in that was pretty hotcha garage band rock! (Ditto the Skunks who must have been one of a millyun groups with that name and the Impressions shouldn't be left out of this either [tho maybe the lounge-y Dick and Libby Halleman should...]).



top_cat_james said...

To be fair, Boomerang (I assume that's the channel you're referring to) does air a few of the Pre-1948 WB cartoons in their rotation - Just this past weekend, I've seen Super Rabbit, Falling Hare, Yankee Doodle Daffy, and Hare Remover. The rest of your analysis is right on the money. And what's the deal that they can only run the shorts featuring star characters, and none of those great "one-shots"?

Christopher Stigliano said...

TCJ---just got done watching the same LOONEY TUNES you did and saw all of the ones you mentioned as well as some early Tweety Pies with a pre-Sylvester Tom. I was surprised by the inclusion of such usually neglected classics, but sheesh if I could only see those old Sniffles or "Duck Twacy" again! It would be just like it was during those glorious summer vacations when I had these cartoons to look forward to watching weekday mornings at the start of a pretty exciting single-digits suburban slob day that few could ruin. Unlike these definitely anti-fun and violent cartoon jamz times that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

Walter Brennan was pretty AltRighty!