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Time for another jambus packtus WEEKEND POST, eh? Sure is, and boy am I rarin' to go and get down to it this time. Had an interesting week, technically a "week off" so to say, but hey, do I, like Superman, really ever get any days off in this life of mine? No way, but still I was able to crank out this rather neat post which might rank as one of the better ones in recent memory and if there were any Academy Awards for BEST POST DONE UP BY A SUBURBAN SLOB WHO STILL HOLDS THINGS LIKE RECORDS AND OLD COMIC BOOKS TO HEART well then man, I should win the things HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!
It's a DAD-BURNED shame that my article on Brian Sands (a man deservin' of his own whopping biography!) didn't quite pan out, even though I had been in contact with former Sands friends and musicians who seemed very interested in helping out! Sheesh, it even came to the point where former Brian and the Juniors drummer Mac Chafer offered to drive down my way along with guitar player supreme Alan "Snake" Globekar and Moses/Milk bassist Dennis Carleton to talk about things face to face! Heck, Chafer even offered to PAY for a meal at the beanery of my choice and although I usually don't turn a freebee down this time I thought it best I do for my own personal interests. Y'see, not only have I tended to become a hermit shunning intercourse social or otherwise these days, but my table manners are ATROCIOUS.

However, in the meanwhile (and I hope that an article will still be forthcoming somehow, I have received a few items of interest and worth that I feel my moral obligation to share. The Cleveland Cuties EP, autographed by Al, Mac and Dennis was but one interesting thing that was winged my way (I'll save my review for a less-cluttered day) but the snaps, pix etc are what really made my endeavor all the more exciting. Here they are in the here and now lest things get too hectic and memories of this particular project fall to the wayside.

First, a photo of Milk I've never seen before.

Next, a photo of Globekar from the same session.

Here's one of Globekar live in the late-seventies or v. early eighties.

Globekar with Sands at approximately the same time.

Here's what I assume is one of Sands' groups circa. the late seventies or at least from the same gig the above photos were snapped.

And lo and behold, a copy of the BRIAN AND THE JUNIORS giveaway booklet. Copy it, paste it up and have one of your own!

I really do hope that biography gets written, and written soon for that matter! Globekar was tellin' me about a whole lotta fun incidents that happened with Sands such as the time Milk played a ritzy country club in Pittsburgh and the entire band arrived in their manager's Rolls Royce! If you guys are still out there. howzbout getting back in touch so the REAL story can be told by some true blue rock 'n roll fans 'stead of alla those hacks they have up in Cleveland, savvy???
An old adage I just thought up...First you tolerate them---then you accept them---THEN they start passing laws against you! As that old philosopher Snagglepuss would say, ain't it the truth!.
And so with that outta the way here are this week's reviews. Some old, some new, some borrowed and some blah, but all something that I've listened to, discerned and judged with not only your best musical interests in mind but a long black robe, gavel, and white wig. And remember, it took a lotta hard work and many hours of sweat, toil and creativity to produce recordings such as these, but it only takes me a good minute or two to TEAR 'EM DOWN!

John Collin-WATER AND ROCK MUSIC VOLUME 2 LP (Feeding Tube Records)

More from this mysterioso guitarist who seems to be trying to do for today what John Fahey and Robbie Basho were trying to do in the sixties. Naw, I don't think WATER AND ROCK MUSIC VOLUME 2 will turn out to be any sorta pillow plunge music for the hornier amongst the co-ed set, but it sure does continue on that fine avant garde guitar strumming tradition that grew out of the love for past forms a good four or so decades after the fact. Collin plays with an appealing aplomb (or a plombing appeal for that matter) that, while not as striking as those acoustic guitar folksters of yore, sure is a mile and a half above the sappiest of gnu age hippoids that were all the rage back inna mid-to-late eighties. And he uses varying soundscapes as a backdrop to his strumming (most prominently the seashore) which gives this music a pretty weird effect kinda like when Fahey was utilizing Hitler speeches between various passages! Hey, if ya liked sittin' through Leo Kottke on SOUNDSTAGE (like I admittedly did!) this is much better!
Bill Bissett and Th Mandan Massacre-AWAKE IN THE DESERT LP (Feeding Tube Records)

Bissett and th Mandans' platter might resemble a few thousand other self-produced freakout efforts that came out way back when, but one listen to this thingie (released via Feeding Tube's new foray into th reproduction of obscure Canadian home-done freekdom of worth) an' you'll be convinced that there was more goin' on down on th farm than just cheap wine. This classic paste-up cover holds some equally paste up sounds with Bissett uttering weird prose in a fashion that brings to mind Kurt Schwitters of all people while some totally unskilled bunch make one-strum sounds on $15 beginners guitars...this is so primitive it makes Mahogany Brain sound like th Godz! Notorious hippie-haters will be sure to smash this one to bits but if you were the kinda guy who sat through ALL MEAT MUSIC (and liked it) you'll beg to differ.
Hasting's Street Opera-SLIPPERY WHEN WET CD (Guerssen Records, Spain)

Other'n during a rather deep-groove flute/bass/drums track ("Lo-De-Do"), I found this extremely limited edition album dating from the not-so-magical year of 1969 nothing that special. Just typical neo-jazz rock offerings from a buncha talented guys playing originals as well as covers of "Scarborough Fair" and "Summertime" that just doesn't transcend any sorta gravity in order to do that astral soarin' that's so necessary with this type of music. I'm sure that the fambly and friends of Hasting's Street Opera enjoyed this platter and why wouldn't they. However, I get the strange feeling you will beg to differ.
Mandrake Paddle Steamer-PANDEMONIUM SHADOW SHOW CD (Guerssen Records, Spain)

Not that I'm much of a fan and follower of (yech) "progressive rock" but there was a time when some of it wasn't that far removed from the psychedelic freak sounds that preceded it. These stars of THE PERFUMED GARDEN series are back with their own album of '68/'70 recordings, and if you were one of those folk who was a fan of the classic Harvest Records sound (Pink Floyd, Syd, Ayers...) you might get a kick outta this. Still rock-y yet with those artistic touches that would get out of hand in a few years. This is still a mile away from that gag-inducing racket that would epitomize the whole progressive rock movement a good five or so years later with its strong melodies and engaging playing, and somehow I can see more'n a few of you readers sneaking a copy off the racks and creeping your way to the cashier without any of your "hipper-than-thou" friends espying you!
The Hoodoo Gurus-GORILLA BISCUITS; B-SIDES AND RARITIES CD-r burn (originally on BMG Records)

Hey, it's even more of that sixties-styled rock 'n roll, done up all eighties-styled! Of course we've heard about the Gurus for years, maybe even heard 'em, but if you've been as far away from the Antipodean root of it all like I have since the late-eighties maybe it does sound all fresh and exciting once again. But no matter how much the spirit of the Flamin' Groovies (and Fleshtones come t' think of it) might hang over this platter these guys just don't cut it like the inspiration did. Chalk it up to rock 'n roll burnout, and if you think it'll ever get any better you got another THINK comin'!
Jonathan Richman-SA CD-r burn (originally on Blue Arrow Records)

Well yeah, I really think it's great that Richman has remembered his Velvet Underground roots. I also think it was fantabulous for him to record this album with that beautifully droning harmonium which undoubtedly accentuates his music, and his penchant for middle-eastern-influenced melodies has really improved his game overall. But sheesh man, why did you have to disavow the Old World after years of propping it up against the catcalls of the modernists who would like to see it (and everyone and everything associated with it) a good six feet under? That song really brought down my day, and I do hope the man will reconsider his recent change in attitude because like, he was one of the few who was rah-rahing in my corner, y'know?
Hillstomp-DARKER THE NIGHT CD-r burn (originally on In Music We Trust Records)

Well whaddaya know! a retro-roots group that doesn't make me cringe! Parts sound real swamp rock trudge through the sludge bloozey rock while others could have been Holy Modal Rounders outtakes. Unlike various eighties underground rock fixtures trying to cash in on the trailer jiz aspects of downhome swill this does have that swing and broken-toothed yelp that doesn't date nor come off like one of those pampered upper-crust alternative music snooty look downs at the white trash.You could just see Sheriff Taylor busting the entire Darling family whilst they were playing selections from this album blasted on something even more powerful'n Moonshine---and perhaps JOINING IN!!!!
Various Artists-BLACK BOTTOM PIPELINE DETECTIVE CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

Bring back those lazy hazy crazy days of mindless record collecting with this particular beaut, if you can latch onto one that is. Loads of interesting garble to choose from including Anita Louise (the old tymey moom pitcher star?) doing LaVerne Baker's "Jim Dandy" not to mention thingies like Kai Winding trying to cash in on the surf craze, the Ramones doing Dylan, Zoogz Rift doing Zoogz Rift and other terminally satisfying goodies that you might have missed the first time around. Whoever that Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra was they did weird with some neo-new unto gnu wavey item, and the Deuce Coupes carried the hot rod torch fine with their offering. It even closes off with one of those "song poem" entries which only goes to show you that the lack of talent isn't just limited to professionals, everyday people have it too!
You need 'em---I don't! BLACK TO COMM back issues that is! You need the wealth of the knowledge of high energy rockism that each and every issue exudes from its well-manicured pages, I need the moolah I will get for these issues in order to further my very existence---mainly eating, paying bills and perhaps spending a few bucks on a musical item I most surely can enjoy. If the feeling is mutual well, then you sure know what'cher supposed to do!


Anonymous said...

Bill Bissett has written loads of poetry made lots of art and recorded some more albums, mostly spoken word. Here are some poems, with his idiosyncratic spelling.

Andrew Russ

kingcrimson1973 said...

Hi Chris, I'm really trying to get in touch with Alan Globekar. I picked up his Axe Pressure LP and it's FANTASTIC! I can't find him on facebook, could you help me out at all? If you could email me to talk at crankerstordard AT gmail DOT com I'd much appreciate it. A long time ago, I saw you did an article about my friend's father's band Little Diesel and mentioned my dad's band, Ratz Vein. There's no information about Alan Snake anywhere online except here so I figured you may be of some help. Thanks - josh