Thursday, December 14, 2017

MOOM PITCHER REVIEW! BULLETS DON'T ARGUE starring Rod Cameron, Angel Aranda and Horst Frank (Italy, Spain, W. Germany, 1964)

I kinda get the impression that by the time this film was made Rod Cameron was too old to play Pat Garrett, but he still does fine in this Eurowestern made during the early years of the form.

In BULLETS DON'T ARGUE the Clanton Brothers (who come off as a rather unsettled pair with older brother Billy bordering on psychotic) decide to rob the bank located in their home town at the exact moment that Garrett is getting married in order that the confusion of it all'll give the gang time to make a quick get-out. George murders the bank president and teller when their cover is blown and naturally the brothers skedaddle for Mexico with Garrett in hot pursuit. He captures them in one of those Mexican bandit hideaway towns and heads back for the US with them in tow, but when a local bandit gets wind of the huge bankroll the funzies really start.

In all a very watchable film that only lets you down during a few slow moments which I think were added to not only pad the film out but relieve some of the tension that had been building. Cameron is pretty good as the aging sheriff who seems to do better in the hot desert clime than his younger prisoners, while Horst Frank as Billy's so great in his own evil (if "cool") way that you'll be rooting for him a good portion of the pic just like I was! And Angel Aranda as the kinda/sorta good brother's also believable even if there are times (like when he chickens out on killing the bank teller and prez) that you'll wanna slap him around even more'n Billy does!

Hokay, the slight romantic angle just doesn't seem "right", but there really is little of that to make you head for the nearest vomitorium and the gal's cute enough anyway in that mid-sixties pre-hairy pit way to the point where it don't matter. And hey, if you can find a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon'n watching something like this (unless you know a flea market that's still selling the kinda stuff they did inna seventies, and at seventies prices!) well man, go to it! But somehow I don't think you will. 

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