Saturday, October 28, 2017

If it weren't for the recent Feeding Tube package this post woulda been danker than usual, and considering the dankness of some of the posts that have appeared you know I'm really talking somethin'! Don't expect that much even if there definitely are a few good 'uns that you might actually want to spend your thrifting money to. Part of the change in weather if I do say so myself.

Also...RIP Mike Hudson of Pagans fame. Hate to think of this at a time like now but maybe we'll finally get to hear the Mad Staggers tape.

Viewer-TRUE FRIEND RECORD LP (Feeding Tube, available via Forced Exposure)

Another finer-than-fine release via the always on top of somethingorother folk at Feeding Tube, this time from a duo who seem to be rather obscure in their direction as if that really did matter to any of you. Slow and delicate acoustic music with satin femme vocals permeates, most if not all reminding me of some of the more introspective work to be found in the Japanese underground of the previous decade. A nice dank MARBLE INDEX aura helps before it all seems to tumble into an electronic music that reminds me of some early-seventies German Expressionist flavor that has yet to be discovered. Perfect snuggle up music for these chillier and damper than usual autumn days we have to look forward to in the tri-state area.
Meadow House-THIS SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING LP (Feeding Tube, available via Forced Exposure)

Spooked selection of a variety of neo-damaged pseudo-suicidal rantings and raving that...actually sound entertaining and pleasant. Created by the "cassette-dropping" musician Dan Wilson, this Londoner better get in on the National Health soon before he totally flips out the way he sings about automobile exhaust filling his lungs to tuneage that is so over-the-wall singsong folky that they might have even scared Syd Barrett. So professionally done even though these literally are bedroom recordings that sure sound better'n the bizarroid gunk I attempted a lot longer time ago than any of you would care to know about. Worth more than "just a try" and I mean it!

Shades of Joy-MUSIC OF EL TOPO CD-r burn (originally on Douglas Records)

Never saw the moom so I'm comin' in on this first timey, and despite a rather flaccid opening (early-seventies horn band schmooze) this soundtrack really cooks more'n hot tamales! A quaint interlude leads to a whole slew of sounds that remind me of the New British Jazz more'n anything, and although the music doesn't escape into realms of Sun Ra stratospherian sonatas it still hold up for those of us who like acts such as Nucleus and Soft Machine. A surprise outta nowhere release that I'm sure most people who only heard about the movie were too scared off to try!
Cowbell-BEAT STAMPEDE CD-r burn (originally on Damaged Goods Records)

With a name like that I thought Cowbell woulda been filled with a buncha people who were fans of the old SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE skit where some band's recording "Don't Fear the Reaper" and the engineer keeps saying "MORE COWBELL" (a famous but not so funny skit...wonder why everyone seems to like it?). Whoever these Cowbell guys are they sure made a good enough record which borrows from groups such as the Sonics, Droogs, Imperial Dogs and early-seventies bloozy Stones. Hard pounding rock 'n roll that actually sounds refreshing even in these jaded days when we're frankly not allowed to behave this way. The moody and driven "Castle Walls" might make you wanna cry, but then again maybe it won't.
THE MERSEYBEATS CD-r burn (originally on Fontana Records)

Like a good portion of the mop topped brigades making themselves known back '64 way, the Merseybeats really weren't anything special without their bangs 'n fancy threads. Not that these guys were a lousy act, but there sure wasn't a hook or gimmick or what-have-ya to separate themselves from a thousand other rock 'n rollers trying to eke precious cents outta overweight pimplefarm girls who were only a few years away from solid Jimi Hendrix adulation. Still they were able to belt out some good ones amid the average and not always expected covers ("The Girl That I Marry"???) and if you've had your fill of Beatles and Pacemakers maybe these Merseytypes can help satiate the inner yeahyeahyeah in you!
Dick Hyman-THE MAN FROM O.R.G.A.N. CD-r burn (originally on Command Records)

Although a long way from the electronic space sound of MOON GAS Hyman still manages to please the inner lounge lizard in me with this concept platter of spy music. Re-live those old days when tee-vee still had a spark of ingenuity and spies were the rage as Hyman's keys turn you into a middle-aged balding necktied office worker trying to come to terms with the mid-sixties. One thing though, with a name like Dick Hyman is a title like that really appropriate???
Beck-MORNING PHASE CD-r burn (originally on Universal Records)

Paul, don't ever send me stuff like this again! You really don't know how much you've wrecked my digestive system (tract 'n all) by slipping this into yer package! You should know better than to foister upon my person anything by this overrated swill whose whole idea of rock was copped from constant repeats of THE JUDY GARLAND SHOW filtered through bad Roger Waters outtakes. Fie on thee Paul!
THE GIFT OF RANDY JOHNSON CD-r burn (originally on Amaret Records)

For late-sixties singer/songwriter stuff----not bad. Of course it ain't anything that I'll wanna play again in my life, but then again I don't think I'm gonna play ANYTHING reviewed on this blogpost more'n once ('cept for maybe the Feeding Tube offerings) so like what's the big deal anyway? The DAYS OF FUTURE PAST orchestral flourishes add an interesting tinge to Johnson's not-so-bad (at least some of the time) songs and his voice, while ragged, does fit the whimsy rather well. You know he never really woulda gone anywhere on a label like Amaret but hey, he sure beats alla those other singer-songwriter types of the same strata all hollow and maybe he should get credit for just THAT!
Bill Doggett-THE BAND WITH THE BEAT CD-r burn (originally on Warner Brothers Records)

One of Bill's faves spreads himself thick on these hotcha mostly-instrumental outings that really fit in with the late-fifties/early-sixties instrumental mood that cluttered up the charts in a good way back then. Dunno if there was any chart activity or singles with this one but any of these tracks coulda made the INSTRUMENTAL GOLDEN GOODIES volume had these only been on one of those smaller labels that Roulette could easily enough obtain the rights to (hah!). Sometimes kinda commercial and cornballus, but next to a good portion of the commercial/cornballus crowd of the day (and after) this is about as hipster as hipster can be. Remember that word???

THE WORST CD-r burn (originally on Dig Records)

Naw, this ain't as bad as their name'd imply. Actually the Worst sound like one of those halfway decent eighties "garage revival" groups albeit they seem stuck in the same rut of riff swipeage as most of the bands they most surely emulated. In other words if you heard one Worst you probably heard 'em all. But let's not dock 'em anything for being more talented than usual members of the rock world who knew better than to go with the flow of musical hackdom.
Various Artists-LONG TALL POISONED MOJO (Bill Shute)

Don't let the presence of a certain troubadour for the times onna cover fool ya, this one is packed with nothing but hotcha musical items that in no way will have you blowin' inna wind. Starts off with some fairly good garage band garble from Mickey and the Motions, and from there on goes into a variety of modes and forms that should please just about everybody in the family, as long as it's the Lyman Family that is. Gary Vallet's "Guitar Bass Boogie" is good enough late-fifties instrumental mulch while I kinda like France's Les Denvers and their fairly good approximation of the girl group thing especially since it was done in a totally alien language (they even got the Amerigan accents right!). Even Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers pop up on some maybe predictable covers that sound pretty hotcha soul jazz more'n anything to me! Frankly you can't have just as much fun in a half-hour, unless you're watching THE MUNSTERS or something like that!

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