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So it's "howz trix" time agin and like, hope things are going swimmingly well for you unless you're one of those people on my "do not love" list. And believe-you-me, that list is growin' and growin' day by day!

Still mourning the passing of the Man God (not talking about the one who's still up and about) otherwise known as JERRY LEWIS and with what else but some Lewis media I have readily on hand. Starting off the "wake"...none other than his 1970 animated comedy series for ABC WILL THE REAL JERRY LEWIS PLEASE SIT DOWN! I reviewed this program a loooooooong time back, but given my sieve-like brain it was like watching a whole batch of new cartoons all over again! That doesn't say mucho about my recollection abilities, but boy does it help me save money! 'n hey, although I never held the Filmation Studios or seventies-era Saturday AM animation for that matter in very high regard I must admit that these shows are just goin' so smoothly down my psyche...they flash me back to an era in time when life coulda been pretty irritating but I always had those comic strips and old tee-vee shows and even newer stuff like this to buffer any of the bad effects of school and life in general. Not only that but I gotta admit that the badgags bein' tossed at'cha really do soothe a rumpled old soul such as I even more than a tattered issue of ARMY LAFFS ever could!

Best of all---this series is socially, racially and even sexual role-type OFFENSIVE, but that's only if you're an asshole. Any NORMAL person should love the thing and gag and moan in glee as their favorite "protected class" is satirized, and it's sure grand seeing something funny and of a "questionable" nature being shot into the forbidden corners of your over Pee-Cee'd mind here in the late-teens!

Try tracking this 'un down onna grey area market and see if you too don't burst out in adolescent giggles like the time that bitchy gal in school gave a talk in front of the class and everyone was goin' nuts because of the tightness of cloth around her crotch showing the mons the way nature intended (though I of course was too stoopid to take it all in for reasons that should be obvious).

I also dug up that episode of the NBC JERRY LEWIS SHOW that was also written up on this blog a good decade or so back. Sure was swell watching Jerry do his great characters and skits, even doin' 'em with not only Sonny & Cher back when she looked partially human but the Baja Marimba Band, and those cornballus gags that only Jerry could turn into something watchable were funnier'n anything I've come across in ages. Maybe we do need some Renaissance Men like Jerry these days, only what they can all be Renaissance about is certainly open to question.
Yes, it's time that I came out to support the LGBT movement! In my case it stands for Lust, Girls, Butts and Tits! Just thought I'd set you straight on such a delicate subject as this! You can add a "Q" afterwards for something else, but since this is a family blog I thought I'd better just leave that up to your own imagination.
Not that much to schmooze to blab about recorded music-wise...though once again maybe we should give thanks to Bill S and Paul M for the goodies that we are about to receive and don't worry Bob, I will get to your goodies once I find out where I placed 'em. Bow your heads and at least try to look grateful for once you jerks! As usual the reish/archival dig up scene seems to have come to a standstill, but there are some interesting items available out there in "Pour Your Money Down a Rat Hole Land" that should appeal to least the Thollot album ranks as an important reissue worthy of your ears if you really do want my humble advice. G'wan, try one of these platters for once in your measly life!

Jacques Thollot-INTRAMUSIQUE LP (Alga Marghen Records, France, available via Forced Exposure)

If you're keen on all of those Weasel Walter recordings where plummeting drums overtake a free sound that remains quite indescribable you should hear what some folk were doing with the same design a good fifty years back!

Yes, the should be famous drummer Jacques Thollot (check the Sonny Sharrock outing MONKEY POCKIE BOO for more pertinent information) actually leads his own band on this 1969 release which takes the whole new jazz-unto-rock question of the day and drives it into areas that would have even made the most focused of minds come up speechless. With its use of piano, flute, sax and guitar playing up and around various melodies as Thollot hovers over it all with his percussive attack, I wonder if this is akin to the various Ann Arbor acts of the same strata who were also taking the new thing into strange, rockist territory. It's quite enveloping with some neo-classical piano tinkling and flute (or sax) spurts one minute then then an entire wall of drums crushing over the sound as stray guitar chords chime (not exactly the right word).  Slow burn at times and pretty gnawing for the most part...and the iffy live sound only makes it all the more feral.

Fans of Carnal Kitchen (or those enraptured by the direction side two of FUNHOUSE took as it careened off into eternal energy), keep an eye out for this limited reissue!
Dennis Bovell-MEK IT RUN CD-r burn (originally on Pressure Sounds Records)

Boy this Bovell guy sure stole a lot from the Pop Group! Bad joke aside, this disque contains more of that reggae dub stuff I never really could rastajah myself into although some of the instrumental grooves do have a nice li'l relaxin' feeling to 'em. Maybe I can understand the draw of this kind of music that would make quite a few well-off Amerigan college-age kiddies wanna grow their hair into dreadlocks and smoke whatever it is that the Devil's Weed is called these days and act like total fools while out in public, but somehow it all flies right over my head just like algebra. Maybe I should join antifa or somethin'.
SWEET AND DANDY...THE BEST OF TOOTS AND THE MAYTALS CD-r burn (originally on Trojan Records, England)

Sheesh, Paul McGarry must have rasta on the brain considerin' he not only sent me the above but this reggae chartbuster! And I gotta say that I like this collection a whole lot more'n the above if only because 1) it has a nice early-sixties sound and production and 2) the melodies and vocalese for that matter have the same pre-hippoid effect on me as any classic garage band single or late-fifties neo-rockabilly attempt can. These guys even took a sloppo and downright boring number like John Denver's "Country Roads" and turned it into a bonafeed reggae classic that sounds toe tapping enough even if the entire song is downhome folkie slop you just can't improve on nohow (or so we thought)! Nothing to dismiss outta hand as I tend to do sometimes.
Various Artists-EMERGENCE DU REFUS Volume 5 CD-r burn (originally on cassette)

Did Bill send me this 'un before? Maybe he did and he's testing me to see how closely I'm listening to these eighties-era free sound industrial music cassettes trying to catch me up off guard. Leave it to him to do something like that! All kidding aside, this is actually a rather surprising mix of French "musique concrete", some with actual melodical soundscapading within the clunks and (surprise) an actual rock et roll number with a clear punkian approach that doesn't sound as contrived as Chuck Eddy made it all out to be. It's a nice grab-bag of music that never did get out and about like some sure wish it coulda, and you can just guess which 'uns in the batch I like the best, sport!
Humble Pie-IN CONCERT CD-r burn (originaloly on BMG, England)

Heh, these guys don't sound as bad as I remembered 'em to have. A li'l too much on the heavy side ifyaknowaddamean, but nothing that comes out offensive to my low-brow love of rock 'n roll passing for pure addled noise. Steve Marriott's singsongy intros are a bit too much for me to stomach but at least these guys pretend to rock out as much as all of those other DENIM DELINQUENT faves. Even the blooze chooze packs a wallop for once. Won't trade my Suicide albums for it (well, maybe the later ones) but still an outta-the-ballpark surprise.
The Thomas Group-THE DUNHILL 45's CD-r burn 

You read about 'em in the next-to-latest UGLY THINGS so no historical recap here. Commercially sweet pop well produced and sparkling clear yet downright palatable. Music done up long before the entire concept of AM as art sorta got flushed into a style that was something for girls and for girls only! I kinda wonder how R. Meltzer himself woulda handled these platters had they only gotten into his mitts during the creation of THE AESTHETICS OF ROCK. Not surprisingly these tracks zoom me back to those early grade school days dredging up a whole load of memories that for once don't make me shudder in fear. Like most of the hit single (or wannabe) top 40 schmooze of the day this does have a sleek appeal that did make for an alternative to the harder crash to be heard. Not that anyone particularly asked for one.
Various Artists-CLUSTERS OF GOLD GRAPES GLOWING CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

Dunno why Bill named this Cee-Dee-Are after a rare radioactive hemmorhoid condition because this thing's anything from anal. Kinda bloozey actually what with those Jimmy McGriff organ instrumentals and Spencer Davis doin' a better Afro-English sound than many I have heard from them isles. The Gold Diggers trailer once again gives us a glimpse into the early talkie days complete with alla that confusion that seemed to overtake the film industry at least until 1930. Dunno why Bill stuck this Jimmy Justice guy on (he ain't nothin' but a exponent of that early-sixties teenage pop schmooze that was created just for the frosh in your life who couldn't take those daring Mitch Miller albums), but at least it's all capped off by Maurice and Mac trying their best to imitate Sam and Dave. Listening to this really gets ya in the brisket I'll tell ya.

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