Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Do ya think I should apologize because I didn't get the previous (#43) issue of this much hailed mag and passed on reviewer doodies to none other than Brad Kohler? Heck no...apologies are for jellyspines anyway, and besides I had a good excuse for being later'n a teenage gal in trouble being that my order from Forced Exposure was held up for months and like, I thought I could wait.

Actually I could wait not because #43 was such a turdburger (far from it) but hey, I used to wait months if not years for records I wanted so bad to hit the cutout or used bins so why not the same amount of time for a fanzine that I know I could use like heck but...sheesh I'm still waiting for a lotta things I never got since turdler days and if I can still hope to get a toy Batmobile that has evaded me for so long maybe I can wait for my UGLY THINGS! Who sez carpe diem hasta be the rule of law anyway?

So wha' th' hey but I got both #43 and #44 of UGLY THINGS in my mitts and I sure am having a fun weekend readin' 'em both. And since Kohler has filled you in on what was in store with #43 then why bother giving my own detailed rundown on the rag, hunh? That's kinda like what it used to be like in those old comic book spoof fanzines of the sixties where EVERYONE hadda do their Spiderman and Fantastic Four takeoffs issue after issue as if one just wan't enough. So with that here are my impressions of the latest UGLY THINGS which I hope you can osmose into your own private cranial capacity in one way or another.

The mag's a trip throughout, what with the cover stories on Jan and Dean (neat interview with Dean---didja know that Jan would "boost" copies of "Baby Talk" from stores in order to up its position in the charts?) and the second part of the "Things to Come" saga (the first part dealing with organist/singer Steve Runolfsson was a real trip---it's amazing just how far that guy could go considering his Asperger's Syndrome 'n all) not forgetting the usual trips we all can look forward to with glee. My particular fave piece has to be part one of the Geofrey Crozier story which surprisingly enough is going to be made into a book! I'll bet some of the stories that are to be uncovered (you should have heard some of the things Lou Rone told me!) will curl your straighties!

The reviews are hotcha enough that I have already purchased one item mentioned in these pages and am saving up for another that I might have to wait for as long a time as I waited for these! Bill Shute appears amongst the regular fellers (including Greg Prevost, one of the top writers here even if I couldn't find anything of his in this 'un) and it's sure great seeing Tim Stegall back from the dead and writing up a storm as well. Sheesh, after the trouncing and crap he used to get back inna eighties from lesser minds it's sure great seeing him rise above it all while the penii who put him down are wallowing in their own self-importance and general nada. Justice at its finest!

Just wanna keep it brief, because I know that yer gonna wanna get hold of this asap if you ain't already. A real wild ride here, and one bound to keep you occupied...until the next ish at least and hurry up on that 'un as well, hunh?

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