Sunday, April 02, 2017

I'm printing the certificate on the left only to let you know that it's OFFICIAL.
Other'n that I hope that you're all set for another weekend post filled with the same ol' kinda (no...definitely!) boring reviews of material you probably couldn't give a whit about, all done up in my usually listless and downright trite style, right? Of course not, and I gotta agree that not only is the selection of disques I selected for perusal not anything that would be up your expansive alley, but my writing abilities don't exactly produce the kind of material that would get me an "A+" in any junior college nationwide!

And (of course) the material I am writing about ain't anything that would elicit raves from true blue rockists world-wide now, would it? But then again, I lay a good portion of the blame, at least for the lack of fresh sounds for me to "get into its universe" on none other than  you! Yes you, dear reader, for if you would only go out and RELEASE some hotcha music or maybe even MAKE IT YOURSELF then maybe I would have something fresh to write about and wouldn't have to rely on handouts and the occasional Forced Exposure and ebay purchases to help fill out these pitiful pages now, would I? All I have to say at this sad, definitely anti-rock/anti-jazz/anti-MUSIC time in life is...aren't you  ASHAMED of yourselves?!?!?!!!!
Nothing much to scribble on about this week. As usual things are kinda slow (which you can tell by the usual lack of reviews to be found this go 'round) but I did my durndest to make what I have written not look like the usual slop that gets posted on these weekend get-togethers. Anyway hope you dig it, because for the life of me I sure don't!

The Rolling Stones-NECROPHILIA CD-r burn

If this is indeed the platter that almost got released as METAMORPHOSIS its no wonder that 'un got deleted! All kidding aside yet another interesting hodgepodge of early Stones outtakes including a kinda/sorta take on "Street Fighting Man" goin' under the name "Pay Your Dues", a version of "Out of Time" which might not be the same as the one popping up on other Stones platters legit or not, and the infamous blues rouser "Andrew's Blues" complete with all of the unexpurgated expletives that made it a hot bootleg item in the late seventies. The rest warbles between the usual Stones soul swipes, blooze choose, pop-slop misfires and other things the Flamin' Groovies seemed to work out a whole lot better. A take or leave affair, and unlike many high energy rockers I've done the latter.
Sheetah et les Weissmueller-HOLA YE YEAH CD-r burn (originally on Screaming Apple)

Bill thinks I've been giving these nuevo-retro garage band revival recordings way better write ups than they most certainly deserve. Maybe he's right, but sheesh I gotta say that these guys do a good job at it---for being a buncha post-post-post garage band guys from France who still don't get the sixties sound down 100%. At least Sheetah et. al. still get the main idea of what the beat was all about and maybe for that I oughtta give 'em that BIG PASS that I give to way too many acts. Sorry about that Bill.
The Shivas-WHITEOUT CD-r burn (originally on K Records)

Again it ain't a bad one even though I haven't really heard or bought or digested anything from the K label since the late-eighties or so. Nice glossy psychedelic music here that thankfully avoids any twee connotations that label has unfairly (well, at least some of the time) accrued ever since those rather upside down times. Good usage of early-sixties pop rock modes psyched up and rehashed with various punk rock sensibilities, then regurgitated for what I assume is modern consumption. I'm surprised to say I like this...but please don't quote me!
Rafter-IT'S REGGAE CD-r burn (originally on Asthmatic Kitty)

It's also boring, non-engaging and doesn't quite jab at my sense of rockism, but it would sound good as background music for some over-brainy science program seen on cable tee-vee. Readers, write to your
favorite cable channel and see if they can get Rafter to add their dazzling riffage to the next NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC special on technology gone wild. It  sure feels cathartic doing good deeds like this now, don't it!
Various Artists-TOXIC INCENSE MONKEY MILES CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

I always get a kick outta these Bill Shute slap together Cee-Dee-Ares because frankly, you never know what you're in store for! And as you'd expect this particular one is a mixed bag what with the selection of rare records and whatnot that are presented for your approval here. The hardcore punk of Toxic Reasons and the Fix really doesn't make me wanna tear down any Major Corporations (and why would them protesters wanna bite the hand that feeds 'em anyway?) and Bobby Sty lives up to his last name with a stinky version of "Incense and Peppermints", but I kinda liked the tracks by the Tidal Waves (the same Detroit band that later teamed up with MC5's Dennis Thompson as the Secrets???) and even Winter's Green's bad enough Doors imitation. Heck I thought Alan Lorber's "Flute Thing" was good enough even though I should know better'n to like it, and Mike Landers' version of "I Can See For Miles" kinda reminds me of the original if Richie from THE PATTY DUKE SHOW was singing it!

There's also an old radio program featuring the famous magician Blackstone who solves crimes with his extensive knowledge of how trix are done, even going to show you how to do 'em yourself even if radio ain't exactly the right medium for such a thing! And yes, you may laugh at the old timeiness of it all patting yourself on the back for being so advanced and all, but then again did YOU ever have a EC comic book devoted to you even if the thing only lasted one issue?

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Bill S. said...

These Tidal Waves were from Maine. I first heard them on the 1982 compilation LP on Cicadelic "Psychedelic Sixties, Volume 4" devoted to the Right and Stafford labels.
As for the Toxic Reasons, I saw them in Oklahoma City in the early 80s and was quite impressed. Discogs says they were from Dayton, Ohio originally, and I think they were working out of San Francisco when I saw them. The one thing I remember vividly about their show is that while they were slamming it out, I was thinking that THIS was what people THOUGHT they were getting from the Clash, but actually weren't (well, maybe they were back in 77-78). I chatted with one of them between sets and he gave me a poster for their album at the time (Independence?). Remember how people who put on punk shows used to rent cheap places for the shows, places that few would think of as concert venues, but the owners wanted to make a few bucks and were open-minded. This was at the Native American Cultural Center (not sure if that's the exact name) in OKC...Toxic Reasons were a great band!