Thursday, March 09, 2017

BOOK REVIEW! OUR BOARDING HOUSE DAILIES DARIES (B&W) 1935 by Gene Ahern (Ecomics Space, 2016)

The second OUR BOARDING HOUSE collection from Ecomics Space has Major Hoople surprisingly enough continuing on his 1934 winning streak, this time with racehorse "Dreadnaught" actually comin' in first place right before brother Jake buys him and eventually goes poof. Unfortunately the streak comes to an end what with Hoople's beehive causing more problems than honey, his jumping frog being turned into a delicacy and a couple of rare hens actually turning out to be roosters. Even when you think Hoople's gonna come out on top something just hasta SNAFU, like with the return of Roscoe the boxer who now wants to have a hand at wrestlin' and actually cuffs the local bruiser one good before the expected rematch brings such sad sorrow!

But hey, I really can't crybaby about the Major's run of woe what with Gene Ahern's boffo art (I like to let my eyes linger on the fine detail and patchwork while the boom box whirls on inna evening) as well as the solid supporting cast from wife Martha to boarders Mack, Clyde and Buster not to mention nephew Alvin, neighbor Baxter and alla the guys at the Owl's Club.

Good stuff really, though I get the feeling that if you continue to upchuck at the humor of THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET and other old standbys of BLOG TO COMM-approved chuckles you might not want to go near this particular tome. Too bad I don't know what hipster cool tee-vee shows are on these days or else I'd find a way to figure the name of one into this review as an example of what you can rub yourself to while watching (mebbe that recent ABC-tee vee fag history fest) while us REAL PEOPLE handing alla the OUR BOARDING HOUSE comics we can. Fie!

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