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As I often say sometimes, "Another week, another week". But I'm glad I made it through and I get the feeling that maybe you should be glad as well or otherwise there ain't gonna be anything for me to write about this time! But as you will see I sure had a hefty week just chock full of recordings to write about as well as other funtime adventures that really don't fit into the scope of BLOG TO COMM so why even bother bringing 'em up. And, as usual, I have the likes of Bill Shute, Paul McGarry and P. D. Fadensonnen to thank for the booty and I do mean it!
Y'know, but even though the guy did bite off more than he could chew, I am saddened by the fact that Milo Yiannopolous not only lost his book deal (not that I was gonna ever read it) and a prospective tee-vee series (not that I was ever gonna watch it) but resigned from Brietbart News (not that I ever read that either unless it's linked up 'r somethin') because of some comments he made awhile back about his fellow gays and their penchant for what is known in the trade as younger meat.

For being a former "Fag of the Year" here at BTC  and saying a lotta things that most normal people have been shutting up about as of late re. today's untouchable crowd (y'know the types, wimmen, college brats, spiritual Stalins...) that's a mighty big comedown even though you could say that Milo was "asking for it" with his most welcome provoking ways. And asking for it in probably more ways than one considering how them homos go for the young teen type of boys which is hey, like something we all knew for ages even if we're supposed to think of gays in that sitcom tee-vee harmless lovable kooks sorta way 'stead of what they really ARE!  Of course the REAL surprise is the faux shock that is being registered about a gay guy telling the whole world what a good portion of the population supposedly has known for eons already, and that is that these homosexuals like their prey underage the same way those hillbillies used to go for the just flowering gal type if those old moom pitchers can be believed!

Yeah it is a shocker par excellence to see this otherwise straight on Milo get the shaft like this but sheesh, don't you think it's kinda goofy that a whole lotta big name gay activist types could BRAG about their hubba hubba lust for the young 'uns and get praised for "speaking freely" about the gay experience and being so forthright and up-front about their "natural" urges! I mean, didn't Sulu himself George Takei brag to Howard Stern about this one summer camp he was a guest at that was just brimming with a whole slew of freckled and tanned Huckleberry Finns in training, describing his experience using a whole slew of glowing terms that were akin to him having died and gone to heaven??? And while I'm at it, howzbout that Lena Dunham chick who actually admitted (whether true or not---I do have my doubts) that she used to stick pebbles up her turdler sister's taco, and to practically nil social shame t'boot!

Those accolades and free passes sure didn't apply to Milo that's for sure, and I'm not even sure if he actually came right out and said he himself  actually went for (instead of just fantasized about) the adolescent Beaver Cleaver type of kid  a whole slew of genderbending types would definitely wanna seek out but what he did was certainly bad enough! (I didn't see the video but from what I read he seemed his usual roundabout way unclear about his deep down inside true intentions.) But given his controversial nature, it was enough to lower the ol' boom which somehow circumvents the same kinda guy who's on the "right side" of current hipster political mores.

Whatever the case may be regarding Milo and the teens all I gotta say is...don't you think there's some strange double standard goin' on where one guy can get his career tossed like a salad because of a year-old interview while others of the same persuasion (or of equal sickness like Dunham) can schmooze it up on tee-vee while well-known hosts perform their own special brand of analingus? Something sure smells, and it ain't the sex act these guys're engagin' in that's for sure!

RIP GEORGE "THE ANIMAL" STEELE, perhaps the only wrestler from the sixties trashy UHF tee-vee wrestling years who deserved all of the notoriety and fame he got during the horrid "rock and wrestling" fad of the late-eighties. And besides, were you ever mentioned in a Half Japanese song like George was???
And now here's what's up for this week, which I would call a winner because I didn't have to spend a penny for any of it!!!!!

The Flamin' Groovies-VALLENCOURT FOUNTAIN CD-r burn

Yet another hotcha live recording of the Groovies during the late-seventies days of power pop when their career got a second wind of new found popularity. There are a whole buncha tapes like this 'un floatin' around the trading lists and a few even got the legit Bomp! treatment, but I gotta say one thing and that's sheesh, these shows sure do all sound alike! But eh, they all sound "good" alike instead of "bad" alike and that's what counts when I slap one of these Cee-Dees on! Hotcha originals appear amidst the reams of boffo sixties covers from the likes of the Rolling Stones, Moby Grape, Byrds and of course the Beatles, the guys who got the whole Groovies ball rollin' way back '64 way if Cyril Jordan's UGLY THINGS articles are to be believed (and why not?).
Iggy Pop with the Sonics Rendezvous Band-TV EYE TOUR '78 LIVE IN COPENHAGEN CD-r burn

Hey, this is a pretty hot recording of Iggy with the Sonics Rendezvous guys doin' the old Stooges hits and a few newies back during the days when I'm sure a few people thought that the Ig was gonna make it big in no time flat! Of course the musical situation at the time was pointed towards total bland-dom to the point where the mere thought of Iggy making it big was nothing but a big laugh, but I'm sure there were more than a few hopeful fans out there who thought that Ig'd be hosting SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE and yukkin' it up with the Coneheads in no time flat. Great performance and the SRB guys are so perfect that you kinda wish that they became a permanent fixture on the Ig-wagon. Pretty good sound quality too, if you're into things like that.
John Coltrane Quartet-COMPLETE AFRICA BRASS SESSIONS CD-r burn (originally on Impulse)

A definite keepie here, the entire AFRICA BRASS recording sessions which previously had been scattered amidst a variety of albums as part of Impulse's milking the Coltrane legacy for all it was worth. Might not be the kind of platter you fans of ASCENSION and other out-there free excursions will go for but I find the entire hard-edged drive of tracks such as "Africa" and "Song of the Underground Railroad" quite exhilarating if I do say so myself! Spin this for your typical unaware newbie kid hip hop fan and show him what the real "Great Black Music" is!
The Fleshtones-AT THE HURRAH CLUB 1980 CD-r burn

Here they are, the Fleshtones right around the time they began getting even more and more popular as a local entity than they had been those past few years, playing at New York's infamous "rock disco" Hurrahs that I understand was one of the glitzier places to play in the 'burgh back during the 70s/80s cusp. An' it's a great show too featuring just over an hour's worth of sixties-styled organ-based rock and rollers that sounded so authentic unlike some of the retrogarde acts of the day who never did get the true feeling of mid-sixties rock into their systems. Like what more can I say other'n maybe it was music like this (hard-edged mid-Amerigan high energy suburban slob wails) that really spoke to us rather than the Bob Segar schmooze it seems everybody was buying up during those worst of times/even more worst of times days. And I do mean it!
The First International Sex Opera Band-ANITA CD-r burn (originally on Sexclusief, Holland)

Like, wha's this??? Some weird space rock/prog thing from Holland '69 (no jokes) which tries to capture the whole sexgeist of the time via a hotcha cover and the promise of erotic thrills galore but just goes plop with nothing but a whole lotta moaning that I guess is supposed to turn us on or something. The music does achieve some mighty heights such as in the opening which has a strong free jazz avant-guitar-driven sound, but most of the times this comes off like the soundtrack to a porn film starring Fred Travalena and Ruth Buzzi. Still I like it in all of its corny back alley guy in raincoat thinking he's gonna get the thrill of his life sorta way and who knows, you might too!
Neko Case-THE WORST THINGS YET CD-r burn (originally on Anti Records)

Paul McGarry, knowing that I gave Neko's other recording a duff review, for some reason or another decided to burn another one of her albums for my discernment or whatever they call it these days. So in the spirit of masochism I decided to give THE WORST THINGS YET a go and y'know what? It still ain't any good albeit it is less mid-seventies patched jeans and cocaine karma singer-songwriter and more nineties amerindie alt. singer-songwriter which come to think of it ain't that big of a step up. I get the feeling that this Case gal is related to McGarry and that he's "testing" me and inevitably one of these days he's gonna come down real hard on me because of these writeups!
Canned Heat-LIVE AT TOPANGA CORRAL CD-r burn (originally on Wand Records)

Yup it's the Bear and the rest doin' up those old blues standards back during the big late-sixties boom and really (and I can't believe I'm writin' this but), they're doin' a pretty good job of it. That is, if you like to listen to late-sixties white groups doin' those old postwar blues standards and gettin' a whole lot more attention doin' 'em than the original artists ever did. Really I gotta say that it ain't what'cha'd call offensive to anyone's sense of rockist propriety, but sheesh, how can anyone want to listen to an entire album of this kinda ruckus without getting at least a little bit bored with it all?
Various Artists-SONGS DMZ TAUGHT US CD-r burn (originally on Wax Records)

Sheesh, I sure hope that the guys who were in these groups are now REAPING IN THE REWARDS (money and status-wise) for recording hotcha records inna past that they probably got nary a cent for during those cash-strapped days. The theme of this six-oh specialty is a collection of songs that the mighty DMZ had covered, and as far as collections go this packs the same punch and power that you got back when the Sire edition of NUGGETS finally hit the cutout bins and you got to hear the likes of the Thirteenth Floor Elevantors and Standells for the first time and they seemed just as mystical as all of those groups that were popping outta Underground World at the very same time.

The Elevators and Standells are on here as art the Kinks, Sonics (three times!), Stooges (ditto!) and the Chocolate Watchband (two, including the ultimate punk rock song of all time "Are You Gonna Be There") amongst a whole buncha bands I've heard about before like the Beatles and Rolling Stones! And you know these guys were the ones who really knew how to put the rama lama in that ol' fa fa fa and make life a little more bearable for alla you pimple farm adolescent suburban slobs whose main joy in life was the arrival of the latest Sears catalog. 'n sure you have these on a whole buncha other platters that have been moiling in your collection for quite a long time but they're all here and all together and they sure make for one bright musical bash if I do say so myself! Worth the trouble to find, burn or even steal if you just happen to have nil moral fiber (and who reading this doesn't?).
Various Artists-HER NAME IS DIFFERENT CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

The notes to this 'un are rather sparse so I assume that these tracks are nothing but more of them "song poems" that have become so hip with the creme-de-la-snooty alt-youth type who liked to look down their noses at ordinary folk because they're know...small town 'n all. Of course WE here at BLOG TO COMM aren't such snoots and well, we can like 'em just as much as we like Aunt Flabby's banana bread or the way cousin Ferd's kid can do "Milk, Milk, Lemonade" with relative ease. An' hey, some of the lyrics that were set to various moozikal styles really do fill the bill, and I'll bet more'n a few fanablas out there are still wond'rin' why their mother's poem didn't become a big hit back 1951 way!

Of course Bill hadda stick on those fantab radio and tee-vee ads in between songs and they of course do dredge up the old and fond memories of a pre-hippydippy world. At least one of 'em dredges up some special memories in me, and that's the one where Captain Midnight pushes Ovaltine on a buncha brats who drank so much of it they became "Oval Teens"! Y'see, when I was laid up with a broken arm about two decades back I was watching a lotta old CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT videotapes and strangely enough I was drinking a whole lot of that chocolaty drink mix while watching trying to not only get my mind off the excruciating pain but to osmose some of those good straightforward times. Sort of a multi-media experience where one could not only watch and hear the action, but taste it as well. Hmmm, maybe I should go to the store and pick some up if only so I can have one of those Olan Soule "Tut Specials" he instructed us lumpen lumps to indulge in!

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