Wednesday, September 05, 2012

MOOM PITCHER REVIEW! I WAS A MAN (a film by Barry Mahon circa 1965 [actually released in December of '67!])

As usual, I kinda wonder what was goin' through Bill Shute's mind when he sent me this mid-sixties sexploito, but besides that I wonder what was goin' through the mind of poor Ansa Kansas. This mid-aged Scandie's wanderin' all over the place acting sad 'n blue which is strange considerin' how gals half his age are just beggin' to get him in the sack and are more than willing to show off their ample juggins right in front of his Droopy Dog face. Meanwhile the sap's going into dress shops pretending to buy items for his mother and sister who happen to wear the same size of clothes he does and tries on hats while the clerk helps out another customer!

It seems that Ansa's suffering from a problem that goes under the peculiar name of hermaphroditism. That is, the guy was born with a Cadillac parked out in the front, but there's a garage hidden behind the shrubbery. After much thought (and too many women pouting in frustration) Ansa consults a doctor and goes back to his home country of Finland to straighten things out so-to-speak. Considering that it was the Holiday Season when Ansa returned to his native land you could say that he was getting a special box for a present!

The ambiance is nice with the grey monochrome mid-sixties look bringing back memories of my own funtime youth (though frankly nothing like this was happening around the ol' abode!) while the stock music had that nice and calming effect that makes me wish and hope for a return of the old easy listening Stereo 99 format chock fulla Nelson Riddle and Mantovani nerve-easers. Of course the entire premise behind this film is enough to make the real BLOG TO COMM reader wanna do a li'l wincing (I mean stuff like sex changes and below-the-waist/above the thighs medical terminology does give me the willies as it should you!) but hey, maybe if you convince yourself that this really is a long-lost El Brendel feature film it will go down a whole lot easier. I tried that, and it worked like wonders!

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