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Shee-yucks (or "it" if you prefer). Another typical weekend post. As you can plainly see there's nothing that special this go 'round mainly since I haven't had the opportunity to do any heavy-duty scrutiny w/regards to atonal soundage both old and new, though since this 'un has some "time sensitive" material in it I thought I'd push it onya this week 'n save that always-getting-postponed biggie that I've had planned for the past few months for some weekend when the ol' writer's block really creeps up on me. Not that it ever hampered me before...

I guess that in order to be up to date and in swing with the modern times that affect us all, maybe it should be prudent to discuss at least one matter that I'm surprised made about as much a wave as it has these past two weeks. After all, I do need to maintain my image as a provocateur and gadfly to all of you readers who seem to think you've been personally anointed by Perfect Spiritual Master Maharajah Guru Ji for knowing the long-hidden Secrets of the Universe. And since I'm such a fan and follower of the TAKI'S TOP DRAWER site from whence this (as they say) "controversial" piece arrived, and since this 'un became so notorious that it even made the national headlines, and since I've been endlessly plugging Taki's site as the place where you'd BETTER go for the real deal modern-day alternative right platform I thought hey...why not bring it up on this blog lest I look like an issue-dodging doof. Especially since people always seem to be scrutinizing me even more'n a TSA agent for even a whiff of inappropriate deviation from the norm especially since, for all intent purposes, the new breed of social engineers out there seem to have been given the collective iron-fisted powers of Hitler, Stalin and that lefty icon Pol Pot combined!

Lemme preface this by saying that John Derbyshire, the author of the article in question, is not exactly one of my fave Taki's contributors. Well, at least I don't cozy up to him the same way I seek out the latest from the likes of Pat Buchanan, Jim Goad, Guy Somerset and a few other regulars who spout off their unpopular opines on this ofttimes brilliant and occasionally feh paleoconservative/libertarian site. Derbyshire's opinions always struck me as the rather toffee-nosed musing of one of those "cultured" upper-class English types who embody the worst snobbish aspects of that (or so I thought) long-dead species. He's so veddy British that this admitted athiest said he'd gladly shake the paw of one Ian Paisley (a guy who's a one-man living argument for destroying every King James Version in sight) while spewing hatred of the IRA for their deadly duties, as if the actions of one Lord Bannside weren't enough to prove that the guy is nothing but an Al Sharpton for his own peculiar breed of people only with more'n enough blood on his hands. (Yeah, I know that the IRA is one big amoral mass of socialist cutthroats, but that doesn't mean the Red Hand Defenders and Johnny Adair are exactly choirboys now, does it?) If you're of the anti-abortion variety his opines on the subject might make you wince just as much as some ditzy girl straight outta college's (and I can handle hearing it outta Bob Grant or any number of paleos who dare speak their minds, believe-you-me). While I'm at it, the mere fact that the guy had written for the neoconnish NATIONAL REVIEW this long in the game only goes to prove that perhaps his kind of people shouldn't've been allowed in the more paleo blogosphere given how the likes of Buchanan and Sam Francis were expurgated from the pages of the REVIEW along with the Birchers and of course the more radical (and etapoint) likes of Murray Rothbard for the heinous crime of thinking that Adlai Stevenson woulda made a better president than Dwight Eisenhower. So like, when I'd see Derbyshire's byline a 'comin' on the site it wasn't like I was immediately rushing to read what the bloke had written 'r anything.

But then again there are times when I found myself in total agreement with the guy, which only goes to show you that he can be as reliable as a broken clock at least twice a day (or once if you got one of those digital AM/PM models). But just what did I think about the notorious piece he submitted to Taki's a week or so back called "The Talk; Nonblack Version", an article in which he gives the new facts o' life to his own half-white/half-asian children regarding their associations with black people? Well, on one hand I thought it made for funny reading and a fine spoof, since I guess if black parents can fill their children's heads with paranoiac (if "at times" true) stories regarding their own personal relationship with the police (and not have the balls to tell 'em that if they dress and act like hoods some cop just might pursue 'em), then white folk can give their white or multi-racial kids the same dose regarding their relationships with blacks in the world and that things really ain't as sweetness 'n light out there as they used to be on SESAME STREET!

So, in a few words I could say yeah, I liked it and (gosh!) even agree with a rather large portion of the piece.

Do I agree with all of the points that Derbyshire expounds upon? Not really, since I believe that dragging out facts regarding Blacks having lower IQ's compared to Hispanics compared to Whites compared to Asians compared to Jews shouldn't really be that relevant a point. That's just one of the neo-eugenecist patterns that Derbyshire has been teetering on over the years that I never could exactly swallow, but if he wants to believe it that's his biz. But as far as telling 'em that there are certain neighborhoods to be wary of (some for blacks as well as for whites) or that being at a  place where there is a sudden swelling of black kids could become threatening especially in these racially stressful times seems more common sense than the outright racism that some pasty if African-American commentators on CNN felt it to be when the subject came up for discussion last Sunday. Sure, some black neighborhoods are more'n fine and there are times when being in a concentration of blacks ain't gonna harm no-one no-how, but the recent outbreak of "hate whitey" flashmobs and unaware tourists who happen to make the wrong turn into a "bad area" and get murdered are definitely a couple of things that whites and other people just have to contend with here in Modern Day Ameriga.

And hey maybe, as Derbyshire has pointed out, black politicians should be scrutinized more closely than white ones if they've been spotted posing for photo ops with members of various black supremacist organizations---otherwise just go by what they're sayin' and hope they do (or don't) stick to their campaign promises just like any white politician crook out there! I personally don't think that they're more corrupt than white ones, though sometimes when I hear what a few of 'em do spout off in front of live microphones I wonder... But given the recent situations where groups of black kids beat whites up, strip 'em naked and photograph the festivities with beaming pride Derbyshire's words come off like normal common sense, and if the throngs of trolls who have been commenting on the article don't quite fathom that fact o' life then they're just as delusional as that white liberal character in that R. Crumb cartoon I keep mentioning (but would like to read one of these days) who, while being murdered by a group of blacks, can only mutter "I can understand where you guys are coming from."

But "The Talk: Nonblack Version" was evidently enough for Derbyshire to get axed from NATIONAL REVIEW who strangely enough gave him the royal chopping via email 'stead of in the usual face-to-face manner that had been utilized in the past. I guess "letting the man go" might be fine considering how that rag has degenerated into something that remains a shadow of it's perhaps previously shadow-y former self...after all, it's their publication, but let's just say that if Derbyshire has followed in the footsteps of the aforementioned pundits who also got the NR guillotine then perhaps he is in good company. In many ways the entire affair makes NR look like total assholes especially considering how that rag has pretty much devolved into a fraidy cat Republican Party mouthpiece as opposed to an outlet for interesting outside-the-liberal/conservative mainstream views 'n opines such as the kind Derbyshire posted for good or bad.

That's but one reason why I must admit that I look forward to the most recent TAKI'S TOP DRAWER posts even if I might not see eye-to-eye with a small portion of the pieces they do publish. The thought as well as the testosterone is still there, and I'd rather get my fix of hardcore rightist jollies from them (and yeah, even Derbyshire) than I would from William F's old rag that represents nothing but the chickening out of the mainstream conservative movement, whatever that was!.

A certain acquaintance (whose name I will not mention) who is a very level-headed if leftist person, once told me that he was going to give his daughter a talking to now that she was in school and meeting up with black children her age. One thing he pointed out to me was that he was going to tell her about the various ploys and ruses that black guys use to get white girls into the sack, like play on their guilt by putting their black arms next to the white skin of the intended conquest while saying "This is the only reason you won't have sex with me!" Dunno if my acquaintance turned his daughter into a rabid racist and I have the strong feeling that she ain't one, but for some maybe not-so-hard-to-explain reason I get the notion that if this guy's cultured co-workers and overseers knew that my pal gave his own version of "the talk" to his daughter he'd be outta work even faster than Derbyshire was given the ol bum's rush. Don't see how his "talk" really differed much from Derbyshire's (which I now pretty much think was written if only to irritate the same breed of black/white liberal parents who actually would indoctrinate their children into having such a low opinion of law enforcement and general race relations) but who knows, maybe it did come in handy on at least one or two occasions and for that perhaps dad should be commended..

But once you get down it the bare, unvarnished truth of it all, doesn't it just go to show you just how far we've plunged into an oversensitized bruised feelings consciousness when a piece such as "The Talk; Nonblack Version" is somehow considered a racist pile of trash to be placed alongside THE KLANSMAN and HUCKLEBERRY FINN (!) while more glaring problems involving race relations are convienently swept under the rug, with excuses for bad groupthink behavior being made left and right by people whom I have the sneaking suspicion avoid blacks even more than they think so-called "conservatives" do? Maybe the reality of it all doesn't quite fit the kumbaya mantra we've been having shoved down our throats these past forty years, but then again did anybody really believe all of those vague notions about brotherhood that have been tossed at us by hippie teachers and socially-conscious parents? Even in today's supposedly "post-racial" (hah!) Ameriga things seem even more tense and suspicious than they did when I was growing up amidst the cacophony of unrest! And you can be we have our witless "benefactors" (teachers, parents, media spokesmen) to thank for that!

Perhaps not so strangely enough, I gotta admit that I admire Derbyshire in my own cockeyed way for coming out and saying a lotta the same things that the likes of Buchanan and Goad have been writing for years, only being lucky enough to get some national attention and scrutiny because of it while rankling the ire of more'n a few Mike and Gloria Stivics. But as far as defending him...well, if you do want to read a defense of Derbyshire's piece this entry to the Taki site by Paul Gottfried, a man whom I agree with almost all of the time, does tend to put the hoards of the more unreasonable detractors and trolls in their place. Thomas Fleming's own take on the situation via the  CHRONICLES website was yet another wowzer even if it didn't quite dwell on the contents of the article, more or less attacking NR who really have nothing left to stand on now that the libertarians, paleocons, Birchers and other evil beings have been stricken from their hallowed pages. And of course. Derbyshire's own response was refreshing if only because he certainly wasn't doing any public boo-hooing or backtracking in order to appease the typical mainstream pundits who certainly like to have their moral superiority stroked! And it ain't like he's gonna get his old job back (not that I think he actually wants it!).

A final thought...if something along the lines of "The Talk" really is considered hate speech as way too many wonks have put it, then what does that make the venom being spat at us by 99% of today's ultralib comedians who are more or less uncouth political pundits who haven't told a funny joke in over thirty years? Or the major newspapers for that matter, who have gone over into the deep end once occupied by THE VILLAGE VOICE and their "Marxist Chic" pose to the point where they're pretty much committing a slow suicide by alienating a great portion of their prospective customers? Or is living in the New Ameriga more of a one-way street than I ever thought it would have developed into since the days when Ronald Reagan pushed the left into even further reaches of totalitarian righteousness???
As I said way up there at the beginning of this post there hasn't been much goin' on this week to write about, but I will do my best. Here are a few of the items that I've been spinning as of late, and as usual you know what you can do with 'em!
COMPULSORY OVERTIME VOLUME NUMBER 6 cassette tape (one of 'em homemade affairs y'know)
The New York Space Rock scene is one that really deserves more scrutiny than has been given, and although such a subject matter probably doesn't quite flibben your jib I must admit that some of the groups that exemplify the genre from Alien Planetscapes to Third Sun did show about as much of a garage aesthetic as all of those other acts that were trying for their fifteen minutes of fame via the stage of Max's Kansas City. Not that you'll find that much of it on this compilation cassette, which I guess overlaps Space Rock and the ever-popular Industrial Sound on a one hour-long excursion that really does cover more'n a few exploratory bases. A lot of COMPULSORY OVERTIME reminds me of the usual bedroom jagoff stylings heard on way too many a self-produced tape of the eighties, though favorites such as the aforementioned Alien Planetscapes manage to do a good bridging of the Space and avant forms to, if you will pardon the expression, stellar effect. Kings of Feedback are noisy in the right fashion and even manage to slip in some good fifties-era spoken word to give their "Hearing Test" a Smegma/Space Negroes feel! Squirrels from Hell's sound is more or less straight mid-seventies New York City punk but they do it so grand in this company that I only wished there were more. The rest is well..."there," though I gotta give Cig credit for sampling the spoken introduction to the Premiers' "Farmer John" in their "A Week in the Life of Cig." Good one if you can get it, and you can get it if you try (only not from ME!)

A Bill Shute find from way down in the bottom of the stack, this 'un sorta extrapolates on the original psychedelic classic that has been making a welcome comeback in the collections of six-oh garage band fanatics o'er the past thirtysome years. Gotta admit that these, being demos, don't exactly sound like the fleshed out and polished tracks we heard on the original album but they're still important enough, at least in their own mid-sixties neo-Dylanesque folk rock way. Now it may be a li'l too Greenwich Village for your own personal tastes, but since I was a li'l brat when this kinda music was being churned out I can relate to it in my own kindergarten kinda way. Some definite classics here too, such as the oft-covered (at least by Billy Synth) "I Dig Your Mind" and not only that, but the disque ends with a half-hour interview with Deep mastermind Rusty Evans who gabs on about knowing the young Dylan and doing grass with Peter Tork in Wally Cox's old mansion! It's so in-depth and so real that you almost feel like you were there along with 'em spilling marijuana all over the rug 'n picking it up piece by piece!
Bent Wind-SUSSEX CD (Green Tree Records, Germany)

Did I hear this one before? I get the feeling that Paul McGarry might've sent me a dub of it (considering Bent Wind's Canadian origins and just how much pride the man has for such patriotic recordings) but the thing got buried under about three strata of junk mail and fanzines. Whatever, now I've heard this ultra-legendary psychedelic album all these years later what else can I say other'n this one is a clear winner! The overbearing guitars do help a whole lot, plus the entire feel of this under-the-covers act benefits from the garage production and atypical hard-drive which seems to take a li'l from the San Francisco groups and perhaps a tad from the surviving English exponents of the form. Actually the first platter that came to my mind while hearing this was the classic Cold Sun reissue from a few years back, and if you think that I can think of a higher compliment to pay Bent Wind I'm afraid you're sadly mistaken!
Oh yeah, and a belated r.i.p. to newsman Mike Wallace, who had this to say in a 1967 CBS documentary:
The average homosexual, if there be such, is promiscuous...He is not interested or capable of a lasting relationship like that of a heterosexual marriage. His sex life, his love life, consists of a series of one-chance encounters at the clubs and bars he inhabits. And even on the streets of the city—the pick-up, the one night stand, these are characteristics of the homosexual relationship.
Wonder if all of those awards he's gathered up over the years are now gonna hafta be returned to whatever rightful owners there are, eh? Yeah, I know that all of those media progressives ended up doin' a complete 180 on their own views regarding gaydom in general once the heat began to be put on, but still we gotta punish 'em all for those murderous past indiscretions, right???

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