Wednesday, October 12, 2011


As far as these sun 'n surf spy romps go COME SPY WITH ME is rather feh, but ya can't really hate it for giving it the ol' fanabla try. The ever lovin' (and ever fading) Troy Donahue stars in this bikini spy romp along with quick flash Andrea Dromm and oldtimer Albert Dekker, obviously as the established name that these teen movies always sneak in if only to trick some unaware adult into the theatre. Basically a whole lotta sun 'n fun in the Caribbean with Dromm as a spy ("Not a spy, a secret agent!") attempting to solve a couple murders while foiling Dekker's attempt at an electronic assassination. In between, Dromm and Donahue can be seen doing dances like "The Shark" at typically teenage beach parties which only goes to show that these undercover types can have fun while saving the world from an established actor who have to do something in between hotcha roles like the kind he had in THE WILD BUNCH. Something tells me that maybe she shoulda taken that offer to act on STAR TREK after all! Smokey (here called "Smoky") Robinson and the Miracles do the title track in case you're that hard up for anything significant about this typical Saturday afternoon UHF hole-plugger.

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