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Remember when you were a kid and you'd see some young and winsome lass at the supermarket or department store saddled with an infant or toddler in tow and no signs of da-da in sight? I sure do, and I always recall that the single mom would often look at her bastid progeny and point out that the kid was, in her own words, her big mistake. I often wondered what she meant, unaware ten-year-old that I was, but as time went by and more ABC MOVIES OF THE WEEK began exploring controversial subject matter the wronged one's words began to make more and more sense.

Well, MY big mistake, other than thinking that I was a writer with something unique to add to the milieu of musical knowledge who could actually compete with the likes of such esteemed colleagues as Chuck Eddy or Gerard Cosloy, was the creation and execution of this (how shall I say) crudzine of mine! A 'zine which, sad to say, hasn't exactly lit up the world of rock screeding like I might have expected it to during some of the loftier moments in my life! P'haps if the writing was a little more probing and not as socio-politically offensive as it had been it woulda BLACK TO COMM might've succeeded, but as time tells the entire kitten caboodle really didn't live up to any expectations on my part. Or yours, for that matter.

Really, I gotta hand it to the post-post-moderne day underground music rag readers who see nothing wrong with the concept of men engaging in incest with their five-year-old daughters or the exploration of all forms of sexual avenues available to 'em, yet shudder at the bared-nail writings of mine, at least when they take on a moralistic tone that does not suit them unless they can use it against an enemy. But anyhow, I'm stuck with a whole load of these fanzines which I sure thought would have sold better'n they obviously didn't, and I am (once again) posting this list of available back issues in the hope that somebody somewhere out there doesn't know about me or my rag's bad reputation and just might help take some of this albatross off the back of my neck!

Anyway, all prices paid in the US of Whoa. Elsewhere write me (via the comment section...won't print 'em of course) for postage rates which I will zing back to you only if you leave me your email address (and promise not to circulate mine). Paypal is an option that can be worked out. Otherwise, mail all checks, money orders of the US variety and cash (ditto) to Christopher Stigliano and send 'em to 701 North Hermitage Road, Suite 23, Hermitage, PA  16148 USA.

BLACK TO COMM #14-Early 1989. Featuring part one of the Ron Asheton interview, a nice though could be much better given all the information discovered since piece on the Deviants, an article on Peter Laughner's Cinderella Backstreet, the Seeds and Charlemagne Palestine. $6.00

BLACK TO COMM #17-Early '90. The first of the "big" issues (74 pages) has a cover story/interview with Scott Morgan and Gary Rasmussen from the old Scott Morgan band. Also inside's an interview with Borbetomagus' Donald Miller as well as one , skimpy at that, with Maureen Tucker, not to mention pieces on Fish Karma (who I liked until hearing his overly-preachy kiss kiss moosh anti-gun song entitled "God Bless The NRA"), the Dogs (from Detroit, not the French ones or the Flamin' Groovies for that matter!), Rocket From the Tombs (with loads of old photos and the like, some never seen before or since!), the top 25 of heavy metal, METAL MACHINE MUSIC, a piece on the then-new proto-punk reissues and archival digs of the day and the usual reviews and news. $7.00.

BLACK TO COMM #21-From November '94. A VON LMO cover story and interview grace this ish, as do interviews with Metal Mike Saunders, Brian McMahon (Electric Eels) and rockabilly star Ronnie Dawson, plus you can read much-desired items on the Trashmen, Velvet Underground and Hawkwind like I knew you would! Not to mention a piece on the infamous TEENAGE WASTELAND GAZETTE fanzine! $8.00.

BLACK TO COMM #24- From spring 2001. This issue's cover feature's a nice interview with Doug Snyder of DAILY DANCE/Sick Dick and the Volkswagens fame, plus there are interviews with the Dogs (Detroit) and Greg Shaw, a piece on the old CAN'T BUY A THRILL fanzine and the usual feature-length reviews and the like. $9.00.

BLACK TO COMM #25-The latest (December 2003), 162 pages brimming with such goodies as a New York City Scene history (featuring interviews with Max's Kansas City's Peter Crowley and Ruby Lynn Reyner from Ruby and the Rednecks plus pieces on coverboys the New York Dolls and VARIETY scene-booster Fred Kirby), an interview with J. D. King (Coachmen, comix) plus one with guitarist Lou Rone, who would probably be best known to you as leader of the early CBGB-era band Cross as well as one-time guitarist for both Kongress and VON LMO, the Screamin' Mee-Mees, CRETINOUS CONTENTIONS, Simply Saucer rare photos, family tree and gigography, rare fanzines of the Golden Age (and more), tons of book and record reviews (which make up the bulk of this ish!), plus a CD with live Simply Saucer 1975, the Coachmen, The Battleship, Ethel with David Nelson Byers and Ruby and the Rednecks. $12.00

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Said it before and I'll say it again; just list 'em as BINs on ebay. They'll sell. I still reference plenty of these issues.