Thursday, July 01, 2010

JIM GOAD'S BACK... TAKI'S TOP DRAWER, so prepare to be offended (in a good way!).

PS-I got to admit that I do disagree w/Goad on a few points kinda/sorta, especially given the Republican Party's staunch corruption and protectionism/tariff-mad behavior/imperialism in the late-19th century and onwards (plus, the Northern abolitionists really did have a more negative opinion of the black than the Southerners once you cut through all of the altruism the former was laying upon us), but I felt it an interesting enough rant to make available to you ignoramuses.

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MS69 said...

Every Neocon in the blog world writes a column like this once a year. Takis went to shit when he disabled comments and passed it on to his daughter.