Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Via a certain blog that shall remain humorless:

"I would like a blow by blow by account of the battle between you and the 50 year old homophobic hermit who lives with his mum (you forgot father as well, not to mention sister who hangs around here enough that she should be considered part of the household-editor) and writes the otherwise excellent Blog to Comm."
Now, faint praise will do you no good (I mean, I don't find homophobia exactly something not to be proud of especially in the face of your homophilia), but really, if anyone should know about detailing a battle "blow by blow" as you say, it should be that ol' blogster Dave himself.

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Christopher Stigliano said...

The latest:

"I see Stigliano has commented on this already on his blog referring to "blow by blow". I thought he would've known more about this term from sneaking into his mum's room and watching smut on her old VCR when she's out."

Won't these assholes ever learn???