Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Claude Delcloo/Arthur Jones-AFRICANASIA CD-R burn (originally issued on BYG-Actuel)

Another one from the Bill Shute burn file, a surprisingly obscure enough rip taken from what I guess is an actual BYG release considering the horrid pressing and skips to he beard therein. But we never let such little trivialities shake us to our very core, have we? An as-yet-unreissued rarity featuring Frog drummer Delcloo and Amerigan expat Jones leading the standard BYG stable (Jarman, Mitchell, Terroade, Thornton, Favors...) through a heavily Africanized session featuring loads of percussion and an appealing enough funky groove that ain't exactly "Soul Masouka" but it'll do. Delcloo bangs drums and Jones (also the star of his own BYG album a year or so later) plays auto sax while Jarman, Mitchell and Terroade play nothing but their flutes throughout the pieces while Thornton, Favors and Earl Freeman clang and bang a number of percussives giving this session the extra-spooky feel. Naturally a session like this w/o bass and with all of those flutes and congas isn't gonna sound like your average Newport Light Jazz offering but it still is surprisingly engaging especially when the flutes return to this nice simple refrain that comes off a whole lot more "world music" than your standard mix 'n match serious musician. Downright pleasing in fact, especially when it stirs the soul, and maybe slices and dices a few innards while it's at it. I'm sure there are rips of this easily enough available all around...I found a neat blog called 9 Grey Chairs (linked up on the left) that claims to have not only this but a whole load of avant garde wonders rare and not-so available for a mere click, but I wasn't able to find out exactly where these downloads are to be found. I guess that's what I get for being such a doof in computer class!


Bill S. said...

Re 9 grey chairs, on the tony oxley album at least, the link is found in the comments section that you'll have to click on to get to.
that's a fairly standard practice on these mp3 blogs.
I've been watching some episodes from Pearl White's 1916 serial THE EXPLOITS OF ELAINE recently, featuring one of your favorite characters, the "scientific detective" Craig Kennedy and his assistant Jameson.
It's from Sunrise Silents, who offer many other goodies I'll have to get. You reviewed an early 50s Craig Kennedy TV show in an old Blog To Comm. I most vividly remember the character in the 1936 serial THE CLUTCHING HAND (there is a Clutching Hand in Exploits of Elaine also), where Kennedy was played by the great Jack Mulhall and Jameson was played by the great Rex Lease. That has to be one of my 3 favorite serials of all time. The Weiss family really knew what they were doing in terms of providing low-budget but exciting, and FUN, bread-and-butter entertainment! Their serial THE BLACK COIN, starring Dave O'Brien, made around the same time, is also highly recommended.

Bill S.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have stumbled across your blog, as said the tripped out Komsomol official in 'Drtug' said "Of course she didn’t have any clothes..."

rimbaud said...

hi friend! many thanks for your wonderful blog; how can I download an album put in your blog? for example I want to get "Africanasia" can I do? please help me
many thanks

Christopher Stigliano said...

The only way that I know of now is to be a close, personal friend of Bill Shute. Otherwise you'll have to pay beaucoup like everyone else.