Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Milford Graves & Don Pullen-NOMMO CD-R burn (originally on SRP records)

I think this one's courtesy Paul McGarry, and if so it shows that Paul has good enough taste that certainly belies his undying affection for battered AC/DC bootlegs. One of two albums that I know of (the other being LIVE AT YALE) done by the duo of percussionist Milford Graves and pianist Don Pullen, NOMMO (sounds like a villain in a Jules Verne novel) showcases the under-appreciated talents of both men doing their best to thrust the early-sixties new thing of Coltrane and Coleman into the late-sixties over-the-wall and running mad sounds of Roscoe Mitchell and Sonny Sharrock. Pullen sounds like he was locked in a bedroom with nothing but the entire Cecil Taylor catalog to give him sustenance (heavy on the CAFE MONTMARTRE y'all) while Graves is as explosive and between the beat as ever...sometimes it is hard to tell which is the piano and which is the percussion! One of those albums which, like FUNHOUSE, makes you kinda wonder why the world didn't end upon its completion.

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