Thursday, May 29, 2008


This in from close personal friend Imants Krumins via "Mousrock" who I don't think will mind that I reprinted his post here (if so, say the magic words and I will remove.):

Hackamore Brick reunion in NYC Thursday May 15th, at Bar 169 (what a dump)

just the two guys (tommy and chick) playing acoustic in the worst venue in town. only one song from the album, and the rest were unrecorded or otherwise mothballed. real nice, easygoing melancholic NYC singer-songwriter vibes (see also John Sebastian, Alzo, 5th Avenue Band) and it was a sweet time. all these old people came up to me and shook my hand for writing nice things about them.

they're older dudes who seem to have just discovered the internet, and don't really know how to go about booking themselves in town. they could probably use a rhythm section and just get right back into it where they left off. one lives in LI and the other out by JFK. looking forward to getting this interview down. (just got the go-ahead to interview these guys for Ugly Things)


Anonymous said...

hackamore brick!!!!!immants!!!!bernie kugel!!!!
it all connects!!!!

Anonymous said...

holy shit!! Finally we may get the 'brick story almost 40 years on.


Anonymous said...

New songs here:

Anonymous said...

(band name instead of friendID etc, and thanks for the link.)