Saturday, April 07, 2007


Goober says hey, and while I'm at it I thought I'd wish all of you BLOG TO COMMsters a very Happy Easter and a really swingin' Easter Monday while I'm at it, that is if you lucked out and got the day off or somethin'! And I dunno about you, but where I'm at here in the wilds of Western Pee-YAY it sure looks more like Merry Christmas outside! Snow everywhere and pretty frigid temps for an April too...and with the climate the way it is (what global warming???) I'm sure that more'n a few of us locals'll be able to spot the Easter Bunny's tracks in the frozen slush comes tomorrow morn which is about as disappointing as you can get holiday-wise unless you count the myriad assortment of sogged-out Fourth of July's I've had to contend with! Oh well, we Western Pennsylvanians did have a pretty warm 'n steamy Christmas last year so I guess this is our payback so to speak, but sheesh, I've always associated Easter with the start of the warm weather season and seeing a blanket of snow onna ground sure doesn't conjure up all those happy memories of Easter past...they bein' happy ones because I knew that if Easter was here, could Summer Vacation be far behind?

But anyway, I hope you'll all be enjoying your chocolate-covered goodies come tomorrow as I know I will be! I'll also be enjoying myself a lot more because y'see, for lent I decided to really do myself in and not write any nasty things about all of those other people (in blogland and elsewhere) who hate my guts to the bone and frankly, after forty-six days (y'see, I'm no slouch, and in fact I even count the Sundays as part o' my lenten sacrifice/sentence unlike all of those slackers who chow down on the sweets and between-meal snacks once the sabbath roles around!) you could say that I've been HOLDING MY TONGUE to the point where it feels as if I've chewed through my lower lip not saying anything mean about a whole slew of stoops who certainly deserve a tongue or keystroke-lashing of biblical (keeping w/the holy season) magnitude. It's kinda like getting a diarrhea attack in the middle of nowhere and trying to hold it in until you can find a pot to poop in, only lasting a good month-and-a-half mind you! Let's just say that tomorrow morning I might just be splattering my long-held opinions all over this blog like a pigeon on ex-lax upon a statue of George Washington!

Sorry there's no music, comic or tee-vee related blog for today. The huge post on a now-top secret subject that I have in the works is still not ready for public consumption so that'll have to wait a bit, though if something of interest should pop up in the mail later on today or a long-forgotten item in a box of who-knows-what captures my attention I might just give you an additional weekend posting tomorrow, after I cleanse my soul of all of the demons that have been pecking away at it that is! Until then, have a good time this weekend and remember to celebrate Easter with the eggroll of your choice at your local Chinese restaurant!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Chris.
I'm going to be cooking steaks over mesquite wood on the grill
on Easter...along with BBQ-ed
shrimp I've got marinating in a
sesame-ginger-beer sauce overnight.
If you're looking for something to review, I understand Brad Kohler
has a brilliant new poetry book out called ENERGY FOOLS THE MAGICIAN...

Bill Shute

Christopher Stigliano said...

Hey Bill-A very merry one to you and yours as well! The menu you have planned for your Easter din-din sure makes me hungry (all I had today was ham, and not that good Armour Treet kind!), and yeah, while I'm at it I should tell you that I just got that Kohler chapbook you sent my way which I will be reviewing once I get it deep into my digestive track...thanks for sending it my way, really appreciate the thought! Kohler ain't too proud of it, but then again I hear that the guy who edited some mid-eighties fanzoonie called FUD/PFUD/PHFUDD! woulda made a few changes here and there if he had another chance. Yet still, dontcha think that just about EVERYBODY out there woulda made that one little change in their lives if they hadda do it all over again??? Of course that means that more people would be in prison, but so what if it's all about honor!

Come tomorrow, I might do a post on something I did receive in the mail today (and boy are they goodies!), but then again maybe not depending on how my Easter schedule turns out! Check back in case you're really interested in having your syntaxes snapped!

Christopher Stigliano said...

Natually I woke up in the middle of the night (this is true!) solely because I remembered that the "track" I wrote after digestive in the above comment should have been spelled "tract" instead!!! Maybe during this holiday season I was thinking of tract as in "religious..." w/o considering its more scientific definition, which I guess is my own stupid fault for which I will wear the spiritual hairshirt, or at least thereof. As Sonny Bono might have said, you may feel free to laugh at me.