Tuesday, October 10, 2006


(You asked for MY list, Chris, so here it is...)

1. KIM FOWLEY, Outrageous (Imperial)
2. VELVET UNDERGROUND, White Light White Heat (Verve)
3. ARCHIE SHEPP, Three For A Quarter, One For A Dime (Impulse)
4. STEVE LACY, The Forest and the Zoo (ESP-Disk)
5. BIG BILL BROONZY, Do That Guitar Rag (Yazoo)
6. CHOCOLATE WATCHBAND, The Inner Mystique (Tower)
7. ZOMBIES, Odessey and Oracle (Date)
8. JOHN CAGE/DAVID TUDOR, Indeterminacy (Folkways)
9. GEORGE HARRISON, Wonderwall Music (Apple)
10. GENE VINCENT, Record Date (Capitol)
11. ANTHONY BRAXTON, For Alto (Delmark)
12. CAPTAIN BEEFHEART, Trout Mask Replica (Straight)
13. LA MONTE YOUNG, Theatre of Eternal Music (Shandar)
14. PAUL BLEY, Ramblin’ (BYG-Actuel)
15. FRANK WRIGHT, Church Number Nine (Calumet)
16. J.B. HUTTO, Slidewinder (Delmark)
17. JOHN LENNON, Plastic Ono Band (Apple)
18. THE ASTRONAUTS, Astronauts Orbit Kampus (RCA)
19. THE GANTS, Road Runner (Liberty)
20. TERRY RILEY, Persian Surgery Dervishes (Shandar)
21. THE MOONRAKERS, Together With Him (Shamley)
22. SIR DOUGLAS QUINTET, Mendocino (Smash)
23. COLEMAN HAWKINS, The Hawk Flies (Milestone)
24. BOB DYLAN, Blonde on Blonde (Columbia)
25. IGGY AND THE STOOGES, Raw Power (Columbia)
26. VELVET UNDERGROUND, 1969 Live (Mercury)
27. ELLIOTT MURPHY, Aquashow (Polydor)
28. JOHN MAYALL, Memories (Polydor)
29. BUDDY HOLLY, Holly In The Hills (Coral)
30. THE YARDBIRDS, Roger The Engineer (Epic)

Chris, could you put this in the main blog rather than the comments section so more people can see it?

Sure Bill...but only thirty???? C'mon, you can do better than that!


MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Shute's contributions to Phud/BTC were always great, and I love his list. Putting Fowley on top is just perfect.

Since Mr. Shute is a poet, I'm wondering if he's a fan of James Wright - perhaps particularly "Saint Judas."

Anonymous said...

what an excellent list

Anonymous said...

I haven't re-read James Wright
in a while, but I probably should.
The mix of particulars of the American landscape (upper midwest to him, Texas to me) and the longing for transcendence is something I too try to do in my own humble way.
As I remember "Saint Judas," it was
a classic of the lost-person-seeking-redemption genre.
I put out a chapbook of sonnets
(blank verse Petrarchan sonnets)--it was called SONNETS FOR BILL DOGGETT.
My records show that I sent Chris a copy--ask him to review it!
Hey Moe, if you read this comment, send me your name/address in an e-mail to django5722 at yahoo dot com
and I'll send you a few gratis
copies of some of my chapbooks.
I'll make the same offer to the first five other people who read this. Send me your name and mailing address, and I'll send you some free poetry booklets, OK?

Chris, you deleted #29 on my list--
John Mayall's "Memories" album on Polydor with Jerry McGee and Larry Taylor.

Anyone else enjoying the "Creel Pone" series of exact reissues of obscure electronic music albums
from the past??? I've been playing those non-stop...along with some old Elvis bootlegs I've dug out of the garage.

I've also been watching a bootleg
DVD-set of the complete JOHNNY STACCATO tv series from 1959 with John Cassavetes as a jazz-piano-playing private eye.


Christopher Stigliano said...

Bill-Dunno how I coulda lopped #29 off like that! I guess that's what I get for doing blog work at ten thirty at night when I should be lolling about listening to music! As far as any more of those Suzy Chapbook reviews go, as the Sage One (my father) always said, "Good things come to those who wait." Of course I always thought he was telling me this stuff so's I would patiently wait until the Christmas gifts that I dearly wanted were going for budget prices...he's such a thrifty guy!

Christopher Stigliano said...

After looking over the original "comment" (which I transformed into a blog post as per Mr. Shute's wishes), I've discovered that the Mayall LP came in at #28 and Buddy Holly's HOLLY IN THE HILLS was #29, so I corrected the list accordingly.

BTW, the way that list was "submitted" to me, it's no wonder I accidently left that entry off. Gee, all the hard work I have to go through to make this blog look presentable!