Friday, June 09, 2006


I'm hoping that some smart Britpop scholar out there can identify for me the wild early-seventies vintage number that was used in the original short version of Kenneth Anger's RABBIT'S MOON (we're talking the sped-up 1972 edit, not to be confused with the easier found long version with the oldies soundtrack). Click below for the take in question.

All I know about this one is what Brad Kohler wrote me in a letter a few months back....supposedly whoever recorded this obscure glam-popper was also a member of the British group A Raincoat whose album (produced by Ray Davies) came out in 1975. Recently the guy was located in Australia and expressed total surprise that his song was even used in the Anger film of legend! Anyway, you have the clues...are there any budding Shawvinists out there willing to help me out???

In keeping with my goal to make this June a month of post-filled bliss, I'll try to post some more goodies this weekend. Keep attuned!


Christopher Stigliano said...

Lindsay Hutton took time out of his busy schedule to wing a bitta information (taken from some uncredited site) regarding the RABBIT'S MOON soundtrack my way:

"Although previous versions had popular doo-wop songs on the soundtrack, for the seven-minute, 1979 version of this film, Anger decided to use the catchy but hyper-obscure 1976 song "It Came in the Night" by the UK band A Raincoat. The song was released as a single only and is not on the only A Raincoat album "Digalongamacs". It was written by band leader Andy Arthurs and was used in the film without his knowledge or permission."

Way to go, Lindsay!

Anonymous said...

mp333 of it at the bottom of this site if you need it so quick: