Sunday, April 16, 2006


Ronald Shannon Jackson's work with and without his long-running group the Decoding Society has become an obsession of mine as of late, so naturally I've been doing a little bitta checking up on the man both with and without his jazz/rock aggregate via the good ol' internet. Anyway, while hitting upon his own personal website I've come across this page announcing the European itinerary for his Summer '06 Punk Funk Tour! With a lineup like that playing with Jackson I can only hope that all you lucky Limeys, Sausages, Pervos, Polacks and wood shoe types (tuff luck Wops 'n Frogs!) who may happen upon reading this will make a hearty attempt to catch one or maybe even all of these gigs which will probably be the highlight of your life, let alone the 2006 musical season. Without even having heard this group perform I can tell you that these well-seasoned veterans are far more worth your time than the latest flavor to pop outta the butt of amerindie central, that's for sure!

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