Saturday, March 11, 2006


For a good laugh, just take a looksee at this article featuring a guy who said a lotta downright ugly things about me on the blog way back when. It's nice to get an eyefulla what some of these alternative jerkoffs look like as well as read about their pathetic "if anybody really cares" efforts these days, and I know some of you detractors out there may say the same thing about me 'n my faverave musical acts, but I'll stomp the ground for VON LMO or Les Rallizes Denudes over the Dead C anyday without feeling the pangs of unwantedness! Oh well, I guess anybody who would want to schmooze up to a total collegeboy (in spirit) as Jay Hinman would have the looks of Charles Nelson Reilly, which makes a fellow like me sleep even more comfortably as the weeks wear on. NEXT POST: the life and loves of J. Neo Marvin.

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J.D.F. said...

death to hinman!!! LONG LIVE HEAVY METALLLLL!!!!!!!!