Wednesday, December 07, 2005


You see the CD (actually 2-CD set) pictured on the left? I'm more than anxious to have one of these in my collection, as I have been even before the thing was pressed up! If any of you faithful readers have one you'd like to part with (or can obtain one for my greasy paws), and could use a copy of of every available BLACK TO COMM back issue (or maybe something worthwhile), well, as Monty Hall used to say... I tried contacting Guerilla Records (the label who released not only this but a 2-CD set of some early DG-307 wares I wouldn't mind wrapping my ears around) to no avail...perhaps their handle on the English Language is as bad as mine on the Czech tongue, but anyway I have an offer that stands and until someone can fling this slice of much-desired proto-punk my way you KNOW I'll be living a life that's not quite up to its fullest potential. Have some pity, willya???


Christopher Stigliano said...
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Christopher Stigliano said...

THE CONTEST IS OVER!!! Thanks to BLOG TO COMM reader Bryce Henry I have just been able to score a copy of the above-mentioned disques via another mailorder outlet! Now, if Bryce were smart enough he coulda scored the thing FOR ME thus obtaining a whole load of back issue booty, but I must commend him for his forthrightness and honesty with regards to keeping your happy blogger even happier. Once again, a big hunking slobbering gooey THANK YOU to Bryce, and look forward to an Umela Hmota review hopefully in the very near future!