Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In order to test out this newfangled picture posting device that the fine folks at Blogger have just made available to us computer neophytes/neonatals, I thought I'd treat you stout-hearted BLOG/BLACK TO COMM fans to a little surprise and publish this rare photo of Kongress in the basement of the Elgin Theater (where the band rehearsed) taken sometime in 1976. For your information, the group is (left to right) Otto von Ruggins (vocals, organ and synthesizer), Lou Rone (electric guitar), VON LMO (drums and chains), Geofrey Crozier (vocals and incantations) and Frank Stokes (electric bass guitar). By the way, word has it that a 2-CD Kongress set is being readied as we speak and should be available sooner than you or I might realize.

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