Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Twenty years ago on this date the big tornado hit the Northeast Ohio/Western Pennsylvania area. In case anyone out there cares to document what I was doing that evening when this deadly storm hit (a little after six thirty in our area) for historical purposes, I was dubbing a live recording of the Japanese group Friction (featuring Rek, ex-Teenage Jesus and the Jerks and Contortions) for one Byron Coley, a tape I'm sure he'll never remember. As the weather began looking rather strange (weird grey/calm overcast right before the power went out, I left the television set on in order to mark the storm's passage and the reception was terrible) I noted my oncoming fears in the letter I was writing to Coley as the carnage progressed. Naturally, I had to re-record the tape because of the power outage, but I'm glad I and just about everyone I know came out of it unscathed except for the hail storm causing damage to automobiles and patio roof. I know you could care less, but a hundred years from now this will make a good footnote to an aural implant biography! NEXT POST: what I was doing when I first heard VON LMO.


Anonymous said...

Is this a tape you still have?



Christopher Stigliano said...

To Joe-YES, it is a tape I still have and NO you can't have a copy of it! Actually, my dubbing deck broke down a year ago and there's no way for me to make copies of cassettes even if I could find the tape amidst thirty years worth of recordings. Maybe someday when I'm rich enough to convert my rare cassettes to CDs I would copy it for you, but as for now don't hold my breath!