Friday, May 25, 2018


Scored this and THE HOLLYWOOD STRANGLER MEETS THE SKID ROW SLASHER out of the bargain bin at a video store years ago. Recently rewatched it, and if anything its even slower than I remember. And not because the tracking speed of the VHS cassette is off-kilter with age.

BORDER RADIO has been called "one of the best movies ever about rock n' roll" or so crows the back of the tape case, but apparently no one wanted to take credit for that wildly overstated kudo.

If you pop a woody over classic LA gig flyers there are plenty in the background of this flick. But what can you say about a movie where the highlight is Eddie Flowers putting down the Clash to some brit dimwit?

Shot piecemeal on a budget that probably didn't even allow for a catering allowance of gas station hotdogs, only Chris Shearer as a roadie moving in on Chris D's old lady while he's skipped town to avoid the payback for a heist makes any impression.

Yeah the soundtrack is OK, but only just OK. (At least a Flesheaters tune instead of solo Chris D. would have kept my head from bobbing sleepily into the popcorn bowl.) More proof the eighties sucked. Darby Crash certainly knew when to check out, even if his math was based on a Bowie song and not the coming of MTV.

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