Thursday, May 10, 2018

BOOK REVIEW! CAPTAIN FUTURE by Norman Light (Gwandaland Comics #28)

I'm always game for discovering these outta-the-way comics that never did get their desserts, just or not, such as CAPTAIN FUTURE. Now this comic just ain't whatcha'd call a "household name" in households that had comic book collectin' kids who holed up with a wide variety of printed goods in the sanctity of their fart-encrusted bedrooms, and it's not like the world didn't need another Science Fiction comic to contend with. And the fact that CAPTAIN FUTURE is an English knockoff that I doubt made it to the United States at the time (I could be wrong) isn't exactly gonna help it gain alla those much needed goodie points to make it a classic, but it's here and it's available for your perusal so like, why fight it?

The artwork looks late-thirties early Golden Age which is a surprise since this 'un came out in the fifties. But for being a few steps behind the game I'm sure that CAPTAIN FUTURE, FLASH GORDON knockoff it is and all, must have sated a few souls who weren't exactly thrilled with the new, more sophisticated comic style that was rather prevalent at the time. Everything about this comic comes off early Golden Age, from the round panels reminiscent of those World War II-era Timely efforts to the to-the-point stories that fail to bring to mind some of the sicker aspects of comic book writing these past fortysome years. What most of all reflects the glory of comics past is the stiff figure art which definitely will upset those who mourn the loss of Steranko but remind me of a simpler, more fun-oriented time when the artiness didn't overpower the cheap Saturday Afternoon Barbershop Kid thrill of it all.

Creator Light had the good sense to whip up bad boys who you could hate and monsters that were kinda sickening. That always suited a guy like myself who sometimes hates the squeaky clean looks and attitude of the heroes to the point where I wanna root for the Germans and Japanese because like, they were nasty and cool! Things may get a little too close to various FLASH GORDONisms for comfort---after all Shorzon the scientist out to enslave the world comes a little too close to Ming for comfort what with his pointy little beard and garish costume, but who said Ming was that original in the first place? Also gotta chuckle at the Xanthi storyline where Captain Future helps the tiny inhabitants of the planet Krishna (!!!!!) fight off the evil Kalvor and crew who wish to make those Lilliputianesque baldies slaves for some strange reason or another as if they'd be able to do a lick of work! But hey, if logic doesn't mean a thing in real life anymore why should it in the pages of some cheap comic knockoff!

As usual these old reprint collections are a great way to spend some idle time between television programs you want to watch or a way to cool down after doing yardwork or any typical hard day of work. Oh I forget...none of you typical BLOG TO COMM readers are the kind that exert themselves in any productive fashion so hey, just goof off as usual and read CAPTAIN FUTURE when you should be making yourself into a more productive breed of human being.....PLEEEEEEEZZZZZEEEE????????

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