Thursday, May 24, 2018


If you haven't experienced being holed up in yer boudoir on a dismal Sunday afternoon reading old comic books while music of some matter is spinnin' away on the bedside boom box, then man you just ain't lived what I would call the complete life! Yes, for me Sunday PM is the best time of the week to settle back and dig into the pile of comic reprints Bill Shute gave me for Christmas, and between his gifts and the comics I've been buyin' on my lonesome I just hope that this Sunday afternoon lasts a whole lot longer than it possibly could! Suburban slob HEAVEN that's what it is and don't give me that jive about dope and s-xual congress and those other things that seem so SUPERFICIAL as these years just go rollin' on into total oblivion because once you get down to it the ultimate high in life is high energy music and reading matter that is something you WON'T see in the NEW YORK TIMES top ten list that's for sure!

And when Bill gives me a comic book it just ain't any kinda comic! No sir ree, his comics are downright EDUCATIONAL and I don't mean brainy like PICTURE STORIES FROM GYNECOLOGY 'r anything soppy like that. No, I mean smart yet FUNTIME educational meaning that hey, you or even memeME might learn something from these books, and not in a goody-goody make-ya-smart CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED way either! No homework assignments here bub...this is real learning with a big wide GRIN on your face!

I'll tell ya, it sure is GREAT being edjamacated  when you want to be, and THE COMPLETE RACKET SQUAD IN ACTION: VOLUME ONE does just that! Yes, these sagas were taken from a comic title dedicated to exposing the variety of frauds, ripoffs, takedowns and other scams that have (and undoubtedly will) transpire upon your very being, and each and every one of these tales o' woe  really do make for more'n just "engaging" reading you just can't get in anything Archie Publications has put out in the last ten years! The fact that the first eight issues have been gathered and bound by Gawandaland Comics (who also did the same with the remaining issues!) really is something that'll cozy up to your own long-suppressed "aw shucks" self. And for once, why don't you let your inner suburban slob have its way with you 'stead of that decadent pose you've been puttin' on for so long that even the dog can see its fake! BUY it!

Inspector J.J. O'Malley hosts the stories dealing with the various frauds and bunco schemes that were and perhaps still are goin' 'round. Things like carnival hucksterisms (there are two tales featuring various "ring the bell" scams!) and phony magazine mailorders, blackmail gags and funds come ons that might have seemed quite tempting to a few unaware fanablas from West Middlesex but are (as we all should know) phonier than all get out. Sid Radner handles the gambling frauds that apply from everything from crap games to card and casino deals showing that the odds really can be stacked way against ya. And Doctor "Bill" Neff handles the world of the occult, or at least sheds a whole lotta light on some of the clairvoyance and inter-dimensional scams that have suckered quite a few people if you can believe alla those forties/fifties Monogram films that we've seen throughout our lives. And from what I can tell you via internet searches, alla these guys were for REAL! (Well, ain't too sure about O'Malley but the other two were!) No name changes 'r anything!!!!

Yes, you can learn a whole lot from these tales, more often than not WHERE NOT TO SLIP UP SO'S YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!! Now admit it,  haven't you always wanted to pull a real scam on someone you loathed ever since you were a kid? Maybe you wanna get back at 'em for the old "heads I win, tails you lose" gag that always had me stumped! Well, now you CAN with these comics. Just see where the bad guys went wrong, where they weren't as careful or as nimble fingered as they should have been and you'll be rakin' in the cash from some unsuspecting widow who thinks you're the best! Yes, who says that there are no more opportunities here in the Good Ol' U. S. of Whoa, and with the knowledge you can obtain from this book you can prove alla them skeptics dead wrong, at the expense of a few unwary souls that is.

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