Thursday, August 07, 2014

MOOM PITCHER REVIEW! SO SWEET, SO DEAD a.k.a. THE SLASHER starring Farley Granger (1972)

Who could it be slitting the unfaithful wives of well-respected businessmen types over there in dagoland anyway? Well, it's Farley Granger's job to find out in this early-seventies sleaze film, and ya gotta admit that the guy did a good job of it given the low budget and general dinge of this crime drama that was filmed during the Hollywood star's European sojurn.

As a boffo soundtrack (including some surprisingly atonal free jazz) careens about we see the bored wives hitch up with their young paramours for the usual early-seventies on-screen sex (with the upper thigh so firmly in place so we don't see any patchwork) giving you young wacker offers just enough time to flibben the jib before the scene's over. Of course that's right before this creepoid Shadow-like guy who knows what evil lurks in his heart bops into the mix and knifes the naughty ladies to death before sprinkling the crime scene with photos of them in flagrante delicto with the faces of their luvver boys scratched out, and if you don't think that Granger has his work cut out for him then you certainly got another thought comin'!

Creepy to be sure, and the acting seems up there in early-seventies tee-vee cop series fashion only with loads of female boobs 'n belly buttons being displayed for your entertainment pleasure. The ladies assembled look good enough for wopadagos while female lead Sylva Koscina has this rather spooky aura about her that gives me more irks'n Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane ever did. And just about everybody in this one has some sorta fault or defect that makes me want them all to die...if you want to get a good case of the creeps just take a gander at the assistant coroner who restores the murdered bodies to their rightful beauty and grace before snapping photos of 'em and pasting said pix up in his apartment pin up style!

It's a good enough switch that'll please the sleaze in ya, but try not to watch it in front of Aunt Mabel because well, sometimes a fella just can't control his nether-region workings as anyone who hadda sit through a sex ed film in high school will tell ya.

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