Sunday, July 11, 2004

Trio Tarana-Live CBGB Lounge 7/11/04

Interesting multigulcheral bunch (Ravish Momim, Jason Hwang, Shanir Blumenkrantz) playing avant garde jazz with violin, oud/bass and drums. One member (probably percussionist Momin) made some political remarks about Afghanistan that were hard to hear between songs, sounding like an angst-filled foreigner behind the deli which maybe only added to the charm of it all. Sounded like the Third Ear Band trying to play punk rock at times, though had enough of a twist to qualify more as jazz than as world music. Hopefully something recorded will survive long enough to be released, but I doubt it.

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rmomin said...

Percussionist Ravish Momin here. Stumbled upon your blog by chance. Always enjoy the candid thoughts more than so-called critics 'official' reviews!
The piece "Peace For Kabul" is simply an acknowledgement
of the ongoing struggle of the Afghani people.

We have a brand new release coming out on Clean Feed Records in September, and will be recording more stuff for Drimala Records and Intuition Records. You can check all their credentials....

All the music is highly specific to explorations of Asian cultures and their blending with jazz improv. I always loved how jazz, funk, etc get their own genres, while "world music" gets lumped into one category. Not your fault....

check out this recent article from our tour:

thanks for the words! Cheers!