Thursday, July 01, 2004

A bitta feedback (the other kind) from Mach Bell of Thundertrain (courtesy Bob Richert at Gulcher Records!)

Hey this Blog guy really gets it! Very interesting how he defines the Thundertrain brand of metalmania and where/how he fits our band into the whole 70's punk/underground/hard rock timeline. Very encouraging to see Thundertrain noted for the work we were doing back then, preserving (and attempting to further) high-energy hard rock'n'roll in the face of the growing popularity of garage-punk & disco. And it's a blast reading which Hell Tonite! songs are the stand-out cuts and how he thinks that Hell Tonite! tops Teenage Suicide.

Back in 1980 - after Thundertrain disbanded - most of us started to feel like we'd done all that work for nothing. No one was happy that just one Jelly album was left behind to show for 5 years of our lives. So it is fantastic reading this new review and having this new chance to set the record straight with Hell Tonite!

(Thanks a lot Mach, 'cept for one thing...wouldn't even a hard rock guy like you consider Thundertrain a "garage punk" band in the purest sense??? I mean, any aggregation that would have the outright testosterone to cover "Dirty Water" in the late seventies ought to be considered for #1 position in the garage band hall of fame, dontcha think???)

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