Saturday, January 09, 2021

Yeah it's been a longer'n Ron Jeremy week here at BLOG TO COMM central, one which resulted in me having to buy a new boom box in order to give the wondrous recordings mentioned below a spin. A few real life things also happened to take up time that could have been better spent listening to even more music and reading various books that I may even mention on this blog. But hey, sometimes number two does get in the way of how we'd all like to live our life-long suburban slob existences, which is a shame because what we need right now is more time to just lay back 'n goof off a bit kickin' up our feet and enjoying life the way our ancestors did. Mainly by sitting in front of the boob tube in our underwear watching old tee-vee reruns. Anything short of that would be nothing but a tragedy in the face of what it means to be a civilized people in what passes for what used to be called a civilized world.

(but speaking of "tragedies"...) The utter hypocrisy that was flauntingly on display earlier this week continues to act upon one's very soul like some undigested peanut that seem to get stuck in yer rectum because you didn't chew it good enough and you end up having to pull the thing out with your bare fingers only to find the little bugger rather intact only with a brownish dinge to it. The reams of denunciations regarding the free expression of anger that was going on at the Capitol last Wednesday (purportedly fueled by Antifa doogooders in disguise but I don't completely fall for that 'un) that was being spewed by various media pundits was enough to make this writer run to the nearest vomitorium as each and everyone of 'em tried to out-solemn each other with the usual pedantic better man than thou-isms and shame on thees that sounds so false when uttered from their pious yet hatemongering mouths. That's not counting the incessant finger wagging spurted from some of the most amoral and ineffectual political types on this planet which only makes me long for the firm decisive vision of a politician like Hubert Humphrey.

Four reasons why you should never let women do men's work.

Just kiddin' 'bout Humphrey who nowadays comes closer to the RINOs we see than the Dems in the here and now, but I will stand by what I said regarding this modern day version of Kent State (no shit!). And yeah, in my own inverted perverse way I am glad the actions of a small minority of otherwise tru blu everyday people did transpire. Not the deaths of seemingly good people who were nary a threat (unlike those thugs who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse and thus earned their place in a toasty afterlife) but the fact that some everyday people got pissed off about an EVIDENT WRONGDOING and acted out of a combination of pure righteous rage and frustration, of course getting the usual snobbish condemnation from the same twats whose tongues are still firmly entrenched in the hindquarters of budding Marxists nationwide. 

For years the liberals have been lending credence to and coddling the more violent aspects of their own shock troops, and now that the right wing had their own attempt to storm the Bastille the political world Democrats and Republicans get into their own hissy fits trying to outdo each other in sickening higher planeing when for all intent purposes THIS MIGHT BE THE CLOSEST WE'LL EVER GET TO OUR 1939 WHITE TERROR MOMENT! OR A REICHSTAG FIRE FOR THAT MATTER!!!!!!

('n hey, if there were leftoids intermingled with the rest of the demonstrators who actually incited the violence well --- it certainly is nice getting your enemies to do your dirty work for you!)

Lissen, for once in my lifetime we had a leader who was more than willing to tear down the world in the best Mel Lyman fashion one could imagine and he did a fairly good job (coulda done better but he did make more'n a few ill choices I'll grant'cha---look at the back-stabbers 'n neocons he put his neck onna line for!) and the fact he lasted four years and coulda even longer had some sneaky shenanigans hadn't been goin' on under the table is only testament to his iron fortitude. It certainly would be the most on-target thing to say that he was the most pro-working guy and anti-war prez we've had in my memory, one who thankfully made the leftists who were so proud of "looking out" for the little guy while little guy's job vamoosed the country and protested Vietnam but ignored Obama's drones "cackle like a bunch of indignant hens" as Wayne McGuire would put it. If there were to be any reason we should "hate" him it would be because he unfortunately failed in his attempts to destroy the concept of Big Government (and their condescending lackeys who love doing the patriotic shuffle when its for their cause) for good. Too bad he failed, and too bad we are, as John Derbyshire had predicted long back, "doomed". Oooh, that firm, decisive hand of Joe Biden, just what alla ya punk rock anarchists wanted now, eh?

Yeah it was cathartic seeing the invasion of the capital and watching the politicians cowering like trapped animals hiding from hunters. Really made my day I'll tell ya. And yeah all you anti-violence hypocrites out there, I do hope it happens again and with greater impact because really, is there anything we have to lose at this point what with the next four years tearing away what little we have been able to hold onto despite the efforts of the various uplifters who always claimed to know how we should live our lives better'n we do ourselves?

Frankly if you want to read one of the few really etapoint pieces that sums up my opinions regarding that Great Day, just click here and of course your snide comments will be met with the usual amount of laughter. This guy makes a whole lotta sense as well. The rest with their calls to peace 'n love (when it suits their cause) and grabbing your ankles can go read DYNAMITE HEMMORHAGE for all I care.

Anyhoo, here are two memes with the same basic graphics and dialogue that put everything into the ol' nutshell even if those of you perusing Blazing Cat Fur or watching Newsmax'll find these opines to have been well-circulated for wont of a better term. If you don't appreciate 'em well, I guess you're even more of a civilization traitor than I was originally led to believe. Feel free to write un with typical garment rending moral outrage saying that these memes are either grossly inaccurate, racist, or flavor of the month offensive...I'll naturally ignore you like I should have for the past thirtysome years of my life.

Boston Massacre anyone?

Reviews time. Actually bought a few newbies with some leftover Christmas money while one of the efforts was part of the package I got from the great P.D. Fadensonnen who I hope graces us with a new release one of these eons. Of course this column ends with the standard Bill burn and it is strange seeing a BTC column without a Paul McGarry effort but this has always been a blog of surprises. Hope you like the batch, which might even inspire you to do a little searchin' the web for freebee sounds yourself.

HAWKWIND 77 2-CD set (Secret Records, England)

Although the screechy synth/string sounds which typified a whole load of late-seventies music permeates these two platters the energy and drive of the QUARK STRANGENESS AND CHARM-period Hawkwind shines through. Robert Calvert's a wild guy frontman perhaps coming even closer to the Iggy taproot than many of the other Stooge wannabes of the day while the music, at times slick and FM glossy, can get rather driving sorta like a mid-seventies Roxy Music trying to play the James Brown songbook coming off more like a runner up in a Can soundalike contest. It ain't SPACE RITUAL true, but then again it ain't that expensive and just might be worth your while getting hold of.
Marvin 'Hannibal' Peterson-HANNIBAL IN ANTIBES CD (Enja Records, Germany)

Side one's a long workout that gets into a nice funk repeato-riff mode with various mideastern twinges thrown in via trumpet. Sorta gets your brain into a tape loop mode that bounces around the cranium the same way Valerie Solanis' bullet ricocheted all over Andy Warhol's ribcage. The workout on "Swing Low Sweet Chariot" is equally funky with a rhythm that reminds me of Byard Lancaster's "John's Children". Nice enough set from a jazzbo who never was a big player in the new sound sweepstakes but then again welcome to the club!

Not as soul-searing as the earlier Throbbing Gristle efforts but still fine enough in their electronic earwigging ways. Quite hypnotizing in fact, perfect for these barricaded times. Something Joseph Mengele would have played in order to get in the mood. Kiddie gibber, Kraftwerk bounce, stylophone cantatas, death threats from the boyfriend of that gal who Genesis P. Orridge  literally tried to smash in and oh yeah...some things that kinda don't go anywhere but maybe will next listen. 
Sandy Bull and Aiyb Dieng-THE ROGER STEFFENS SHOW 6/1/1989 CD-r burn  

Although I found that late-eighties Bull release not exactly on par with his boff Vanguard output this '89 live in the studio radio broadcast is a pretty good encapsulation of that "World Music" mystique that had self-conscious pseudo-intellectual college students grabbing his albums up way back inna sixties. Along with percussionist Dieng, a Sengalese who plays these clay drums that sound rather tabla-esque, Bull recreates those Mideast influenced modal melodies exquisitely with his oud and sarod sounding like the kinda guy who can play the innards of a piano with finesse. Dieng keeps it all rhythmically intact the exact same way people like Billy Higgins and Denis Charles did on those Vanguard albums that still continue to pack a huge pounce a good sixty years later! I'm sure this is floating around in the ether somewhere and for longtime Bull fans and followers like yourself it's more'n just a duty to get hold of one for your own late-night introspective pleasures.
Kenwood Dennard-JUST ADVANCE CD (Big World Records)

Even these days I check out some obscurity whose name I see on some old CBGB handbill if only out of some strange curiosity. Sometimes the rarity I hear is great, other times its just the same ol' pedestrian slop that's been heard over and over again these past fiftysome odd years. JUST ADVANCE was an act led by percussionist Kenwood Dennard that once popped up on a CB's 313 Gallery bill way back '92 way, and although what I have read about 'em made 'em seem like your typical technomusical magazine fodder I gotta admit that their music is a little more driving than some of the processed jazz fusion heard these past five decades. Hiram Bullock's guitar lines do have their fair share of drive to 'em, although the abundance of synth gloss (there're two operators of Roland keyboards present) does its fair share of hindering the overall drive. At least the powerful drumming of Dennard and the general funk drive save this from dribbling over into elevator music status. Even the cover of "Purple Rain" which closes the platter won't send you back into the eighties miasma from whence that song came.

Various Artists-ROULETTE MARBLE TUGBOAT SUN CD-r burn (Bill Shute)

Bill's always put some nice goop on these Cee-Dee-Ares of his, this one being nein exception. Some of it like Ki Di Me's "Islamatic" doesn't quite hit the musical g-spot (if we don't watch out this is gonna be the ONLY music we're gonna be listening to inna future!) but the Roulettes' British Invasion romp and Little Willie John doin' alla those songs white creeps ended up ruinin' sure made this 'un worth the time to listen. Of course things like the Confessions doing the same old Velvet Underground repeato riff without the passion or swerve only makes such a track a one-time only affair but it, like most of the entries, is far from disposable. And besides that the presence of the Klark Kent EP'll remind more'n a few of you regular record shop browsers about the colored vinyl craze of the late-seventies wonderin' if it was worth the $2.59 to dish out for that Stiff Records Deviants EP or not!

I'll betcha feel guilty because you don't have any of these BLACK TO COMM back issues wallowing around in your collections just waiting to enrich your brains with pure unadulterated rockist musical tomes. Oh I keep forgetting...none of you have a conscience which is why you probably get all of your music news from MAGNET. Well, if you want to remain ignorant about the true whys and wherefores about music and its true meaning in the realm of your midclass rockist lifestyle there are plenty of hacks out there willing to satiate your banality. But if not well, you know where your next welfare check's goin', eh?


President-elect HHH said...

HHH did nothing wrong.

Anne Fink said...

Orange man bad. Brown man good.

Alvin Bishop said...

Self-conscious pseudo-intellectual college student? Snapping up Sandy Bull on Vanguard? In 1968 and 1969? At the Harvard Coop? C'est moi! (Chuckle!)

O! The Coop! O! Boston's glory days! Allow a Beantown Boomer to reminisce off-topic. We had great bands in Boston in the 1960s -- and beyond! I'd proffer that our bands far outstripped NYC's meager gaggle of semi-pros. Funny how our all-time best band, The Cars, owed their drummer to a Boston garage band of minor note, The Modern Lovers. The Modern Lovers were, at best, okay -- sort of a warmed-over Velvet Underground fronted by Holden Caulfield, if you will. (Chuckle!) Then their drummer, Dave Robinson, joined The Cars and showed the world what he could really do!

I was reminded of one other Modern Lover, the keyb guy, Jerry, last week when I read the Chris Frantz (overly long and amateurishly scribed) "memoir" -- mostly a memoir of food and famous people. Some of us are terming it "Ever More Chapters About Celebrities and Food." (Chuckle!) Anyhow, ol' Jerry is barely even mentioned! One supposes he was less important than a salad in Soho in 1982, or some such. But some scores are settled re David Byrne! The worm turns!

Not mentioned, but a rumor kicking around New England hip circles, was that Tina made public Byrne's alleged chronic flatulence, I believe, in an interview. Hence Byrne's undying hostility to the bass-drums duo! Anyone else ever hear of this? True? False?

Regardless, keep 'em comin', Chris! You are an original! Cheers!

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Boston Massacre? Heroes died that day. Wednesday just saw a bunch of fat, useless Trumpstains falling on each other and having heart attacks or strokes. Of course some of them beat a cop to death because he was part of the "Deep State" or something. Fucking idiots, each and every one. You could build a Matrix-like battery system out of every two-time Trump voter and their collective brain power MIGHT keep an Easy Bake oven going.

So the last gasp of the Trump devolution involves a gang of total retards pissing and shitting in public. Perfect!

Christopher Stigliano said...

So says the man who LOVES Big Brother.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Big Brother? That's pretty funny coming from an actual Nazi! Hey, Chris, I honestly thought there would be no column from you today. I thought you were the chucklehead who got identified because he wore his work ID to the riot. Nice beard!

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Hey, Al, the Cars were a great band. I saw them on the tour where they had Suicide open for them, though, and the not-so-bright Cars fans booed Suicide.

The first two Cars albums hold up, but neither one is as good as that Modern Lovers LP. And the best Boston band ever remains Mission Of Burma.

ML Heath said...

Yep. I'm done with you and your basement mayonnaise opinions. They were armed - molotovs, plastic handcuffs, nooses!- and prepared to TAKE HOSTAGES and TAKE LIVES OF ELECTED OFFICIALLS, you pitiful dumbfuck.

And as to going back to getting out my copies of VV to send more than I would have my mom (dead as of last TGiving Eve, thanks for your concern) wipe my ass. In fact, if anything I'd rather wipe pages of it with mine along with what those 'patriots' smeared on the Capitol walls. Have a nice life.

Christopher Stigliano said...

MLJ, you confuse Nazis with Falangists. And sheesh, cops who get bashed to death with firew extinguishers should know that there's a level of danger connected with their work and general proximity to dangerous situations. You said so much about Andy Ngo.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Andy Ngo is just another Hitler-sucking wingnut, Stigs, so I don't really see the connection to a cop just doing his job. Also, nothing of significance happened to Andy Ngo. He lied about his injuries. He continues to be a useless shitbag. Meanwhile your Orange Messiah can't even bring himself to offer condolences to the dead cop's family, even as he told the scumbags behind the murder that they were "very special people" whom he "loved."

Also, Falangists were just Nazis with shittier uniforms.

debs said...

lol kenwood dennard? lol never! heard! of! him! lol hey, how about kirwood derby? lol

Christopher Stigliano said...

Welcome back Heath, even though your asshole opines only tend to make you look even shittier than usual what with your San Francisco (aka anarchist heaven) state of mind. I guess that's what you get being a long time reader of Democratic Underground. As for MLJ well, after alla that "Pigs in a blanket fry them like bacon" rhetoric from your side I woulda thought you'd been glad to see a dead cop. Those cops who were handling George Floyd were doing their jobs too, and if the guy wasn't high on Fentanyl he just might be doing his the corrections we speak. Tell ya what, why dontcha go out and burn off some frustrations by going to the cemetery, digging up a bunch of corpses and placing them in various sexual positions.

Alvin Bishop said...

Moe, I searched for Suicide and Mission of Burma. From what I heard, afraid the lack of musicianship is too much for me. Or too... little! (Chuckle!)

I was classically trained, so rock didn't appeal to me until The Zombies and The Moody Blues around 1965. From there to Ten Years After, Left Banke, Kensington Market, Weather Report, Chicago, Television... And of course, Beantown's pride, The Beacon Street Union.


MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Derek Chauvin was just doing his job? Are you out of your fucking Hitler-loving mind? Next you'll be jerking off to the Tamir Rice murder video.


MoeLarryAndJesus said...

If you think Burma lacks musicianship I think your ears are gone, Al. They died at Woodstock, maybe. But at least you're not a Nazi.

Christopher Stigliano said...

I gotta commend Chauvin for showing restraint. Of course if you were on the scene you probably would have fellated Mr. Floyd if only due to nervous action.

Christopher Stigliano said...

'n hey MLJ --- you like Bobby Fischer yet you think I'M a Nazi???

Alvin Bishop said...

Moe, indeed, I was at Woodstock! Up close for Ten Years After!

Alvin Lee personified musicianship. Mission of Burma? Mmm, not so much! (Chuckle!)

But to each their own, whatever floats your boat.


TYRONE said...




Charles Hodgson said...

What's that beyatch MLJ doing back? Thought he was in charge of the Biden and Pelosi colostomy bag changing regime? And the Kamala Harris douches. (Band name recommendation). He's a busy man with these days with all that, and scraping the black gism barnacles off his ass every morning.
Those cartoons skewer him and ML Heath and their shoddy tortured minds.

Charles Hodgson said...

Mission Of Burma have a song dedicated to MLJ & ML Heath: "Dumbells"!

Charles Hodgson said...

Props to Ariel Pink & John Maus!

Teddy Roosevelt said...

I love the smell of dead MAGAts in the morning.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Just as long as those dusky negroes stay in their place, eh Teddy?

Jack Grattan said...

I always enjoy coming to the BLOG TO COMM comments section to get my fill of virtue signaling from a sewing circle of Marxist shit stains. Keep pissing on me and telling me it's raining.

debs said...

lol looozrz lol

Christopher Stigliano said...

hack -- I have been banning some of these comments as of late, not out of "censorship"...editorial awareness is more like it. After all, I am trying to save the comment section from advanced assholism.

Christopher Stigliano said...

That should read Jack 'n not hack, something which a few readers of this blog definitely are!

Pepe the Frog said...

Teddy Roosevelt did nothing wrong.

Wheez Von Klaw said...

Stig, I dig Blog to Comm and you have great taste in kultchah, but what's with pointing the finger at us "liberals"? Isn't pretty much 99. 9% of the great sounds you review on here made and played by libs? I mean, why not just review Johnny Paycheck bootlegs on CD-R?