Wednesday, January 20, 2021

COMIC BOOK REVIEW! MR. A. #8 (Robin Snyder and Steve Ditko)

Sure am a scatterbrained sorta fanabla what with me reviewing this ish from 2019 after writing up the more recent edition a few months back! But eh, what can you expect from this bassackwards blog which will devote reams of space to fodder you've read and loathed for years on end while giving but passing mention (if lucky) to some up and runnin' sorta mag that, for the most part, exudes just about everything that's wrong and abhorrent about the 21st century and all that it represents to people who, for the most part, have known better for years but just didn't seem to care.

One Mr. A. story here and it's a reprint from a '71 ish of GRAPHIC ILLUSIONS. Actually it's just another one of those heady good/evil/corrupt themes sans any plot or development unlike those Mr. A. sagas that I like which had some sort of deep twist to 'em. The various repros from a number of 50s/70s/80s Charlton titles fare much better, giving us a representation of that Ditko swerve that made picking up all those reprint titles in the seventies a bigger thrill than reading some of the original mush that was being tossed at us during those days. One tale's actually reprinted in color which, given the black/white philosophy of Ditko (he once chewed out a fanzine editor for printing his Mr. A. comic on colored paper!) makes for a nice change o' pace especially in one of these reprint books.

You pinko types might even go for this given the older material, but longtime Ditkoites like myself should really eat this ish up like a melting ice cream pop onna stick before it runs all over your sweaty palms. Not much else inna comic book game being laid on us here in the dark 'n dank twenties, so you better getcher funny pages thrills while you still can!

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