Thursday, August 20, 2020


Mebbe I should get all hissy fitty o'er the fact that the guys behind this 'un STOLE the idea for their cover from the third issue of my own crudzine but eh, I'll let 'em off the hook at least this once.

You could call this is "a very special episode of UGLY THINGS" for the mag's virtual mascot and dare-I-even-say "Alfred E. Neuman", none o ther than former Pretty Things singer Phil May, has passed on to hopefully bigger and better things and this issue is whatcha'd call a tribute to the man. And a well-deserved one too what with alla the intimate detail and discographical detail that went into this. As far as send-offs go I'd rate this with a top of the notch funeral complete with old ladies wailing away and a mahogany casket 'stead of the trash can and dump truck treatment I'm gonna get because hey, why dump money into a funeral when I can use all that money to buy records, as if I'm even gonna know (or care) what they do with my corpse once I hit the carbon cycle!

Once you get your fill (and more!) of the May tributes you could call this the "Scientology" edition of UGLY THINGS. There's quite a bit on that L. Ron Hubbard brainstorm here from the story on People! to the plethora of tales spun about Gabor Szabo (in UGLY THINGS??? Why not!) who I guess was lured into the famed cult thanks to big league spokesman and jazz biggie Chick Corea, which to me would be one great reason to run away from it as fast as I could!

Of course there's more from a Hasil Adkins piece which zones me back to the great Adkins flurry of information ever since the folk at KICKS exhumed his career way back when to the Elektras of "Dirty Old Man" fame and of course the ever piddling array of record, book and Dee-Vee-Dee reviews which make me so sad that these things ain't comin' out as fast as they usedta. But eh, one of these days alla those glitzoid sissy popturds you see today'll be sayin' THE SAME THING about their music's loss of popularity so maybe we'll get our vengeance even if it is from a six-foot-under standpoint!

Coulda used more Bill Shute as usual but maybe I should be satisfied that he's being published at all!


debbie downer said...

lol a mag devoted to loooooozrrrz lol never heard of any of them lol

Alvin Bishop said...

Ah, The Pretty Things! They weren't terrible, exactly. They were, simply, a poor man's Rolling Stones - who were a poor man's Chess Records. From that time and place, I'll take The Zombies, and after they matured a bit, The Kinks. Musicianship and song-craft! Cheers!

Alvin Bishop said...

PS: Chris, we are going to have to agree to disagree re Chick Corea. Methinks the man is a genius! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Off Topic

is this a good record?

Christopher Stigliano said...

Anon., just GET IT!

Charles Hodgson said...

^ "Cheap Heroin" - the best kind!
The Mighty Jim Jones.

MoeLarryAndJesus said...

Cheap Heroin really is a great song, even if a sheepdip like Chuckles Hogson likes it.