Thursday, August 27, 2020


Wow, two of tee-vee's more famous parents together in this late-forties cheapie that's bound to keep you from goin' to the bathroom, at least in between the used car commercials and the station sign-off. And hey, what can you say about yet another one of those late-forties "film noir" as the fru fru critics like to call 'em mooms starring June Lockhart as a supposedly deceased woman who attends her own funeral only to pop up directly after in order to find out not only who it was who was out to off her but who the dame that got burnt to a crisp in her horse stable really was.

Flub-a-dub actor Mark Daniels plays the husband we're all led to think tried to off her, while none other'n Beaver's dad Hugh Beaumont's the friendly fambly lawyer trying to sort everything out along with Lockhart. There are sure a lotta suspects in this case as well as a question as to who the one who actually slugged the victim on the noggin then burned down the stable to make it all look like an accident really was. The young cyster who was cheated out of her inheritance seems like a pretty good suspect, as does her boyfriend the not-so-bright prizefighter, or was it the "other woman" that was plotting with the boxer or even a few more people brought to light in a series of flashbacks. Whatever the case you too will be straining your brain trying to figure out exactly what did happen that fateful night and just how many people really could have done the nasty deed and for whatever reasons that might suddenly crop up! Kinda felt like Gilligan in that one episode about the murder where just about everyone on the island had a reason for killing that guy with a spear gun!

Don't wanna give too much away, but fans of LEAVE IT TO BEAVER will not exactly cozy up to the Beaumont character who plays it 180 degrees differently than his Ward Cleaver persona. All I gotta say is that if Eddie Haskell ever found out boy would Wally and the Beav have been razzed from here to Kingdom Come!


Richard Deacon said...

Hugh Beaumont did nothing wrong.

Christopher Stigliano said...

Yeah, but you sure did!

bob f. said...

they show an hour of ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN on Sunday morning here (the only time i turn on the tube early in the day) Hugh shows up as an ex-con, so the guy definely had a criminal history!

Paul Lynde said...

Richard Deacon did nothing wrong.