Thursday, September 06, 2018


Yeah, I know a whole lotta you think that English movies are dryer than Taylor Swift's reproductive system, but this one is more than a worthwhile Sunday afternoon UHF tee-vee circa. 1976 timewaster.

Hardy Kruger plays this starving artist of Dutch ancestry who has a date with a hotcha French gal whom he's been having a simmering affair with. However, by the time he gets to her pad for the big pump nobody seems to be there despite the music playing full blast and the door wide open. After a few minutes the cops arrive and act their typical cop selves, and before you know it ol' Kruger himself's being held on a murder rap.

The detective ready to try convict and execute the guy with one felt swoop's a real jerkoff, and in no way is he buying Kruger's story about his relationship (told in flashback) with the Frenchie who he had the affair with. However the loads of intimidation and downright threats ain't breaking Kruger who's sticking by his saga and will continue to even though it looks like the gallows are being strung up just for him.

Naturally the usual plot twists appear what with heretofore facts previously unknown popping up and changing the narrative quite a bit, but you really don't care much about that at all. BLIND DATE's steady going enough to keep you glued to your seat even with the expected slobbering scenes and you all of a sudden notice that you have to empty Mr. Bladder even though he ain't exactly bursting at the seams.

Kruger plays it pretty good throughout and Stanley Baker as detective Morgan's so evil that you kinda hope he'd be the one getting the ax----right through the head. Michelle Presle as the Frenchie comes off convincingly enough even though you can't get the fact that this is an English production and boy can these films get stiffer than their upper lips! Still worth it if the mid-seventies ever happens again, it's Sunday PM and it's a choice between this and celebrity felching on the other station.

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