Thursday, July 19, 2018


I know it's a cool thing to turn your Dee-Vee-Dee player into your own UHF station ca. 1953-1966 (longer if you count reruns) but why does it have to be turned into a boring Sunday afternoon viewing session inna first place? Yeah these British films can get awfully dry, but this one was so arid that I thought I'd roll it on my armpits. It's the old story about some gal whose sister died under strange circumstances and the moolah she had just withdrawn from the bank has ended up missing. Was it the investment broker who killed her after she delivered the dough or one of the many slickster characters who pop in and out of this hour-long film which I guess is supposed to be a crime thriller although the only thrill I got outta this one was identifying the classic English automobiles that cruise about here and there. Now if you're one of those brainy and inquisitive girls that I went to school with who were always trying to figure out the whys and wherefores of various tee-vee mysteries you might like it, but us dumbo boys were more apt to be watching LITTLE RASCALS repeats on the other station. And like, who wants to be a girl (yech!).

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